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Aquaman has had a difficult life as a superhero. What with being ridiculed by the ignorant, and being snubbed as stupid and lame, he's struggled to find his place in pop-culture next to the rest of [DC](channel:932255)'s heroes. However, with Geoff Johns run on the character back in 2011, the character has found his place among readers. Sure, we still have a long way to go before he's as respected as Batman and the like, but he's getting there, and I'm here to further him to that place, which he richly deserves. So, getting to my point, here are five of the (many) awesome things about [Aquaman](movie:264237) that you may or may not know.

1) He Rules the Oceans

He's not just some mermaid-guy. He is, in fact, the rightful king to the lost city of Atlantis. With that comes the ruling of an army that consists of thousands of trained warriors who have super-strength, the ability to breathe underwater and super-strong skin. Not to mention the fact that Atlantis has technology decades ahead of ours for use in their army, as well as mages, magicians and sorcerers among their ranks. So if one day, Aquaman were to decide to wipe out all surface dwellers, chances are he'd succeed if the Justice League weren't here to save the day. And even then it would be a close thing.

2) He Can Control Sea-life

No, Aquaman doesn't "talk" to fish, he telepathically takes control of their mid-brains and forces them to do his will by manipulating instinctive urges within them. And that applies to virtually any primitive life form that lives in the ocean, which means that he can summon legions of sharks, whales, squids and even some fictional creatures, like a krakken theoretically. So if you want to tell a guy riding a krakken that he's not cool, you can be my guest, but I have my doubts that you'll ever get a chance to defend that opinion.

3) He's Stronger Than You Think

Aquaman has a power-set that's a lot more extensive than is generally known. For example, while being far from the strongest Justice Leaguer, he is capable of throwing a punch that can send Superman flying. As well as that, he can breathe underwater, has bulletproof skin, can leap over skyscrapers, and swims at speeds up to mach 5 (post New 52, before that he has hit in excess of 10,000 feet per second). So that's a guy almost as strong as Wonder Woman speeding towards you at over 1,700 meters per second. Not only would you not feel anything, but you'd be disintegrated into particles in a millisecond.

4) The Trident of Neptune

Ever wondered what Aquaman uses his trident for? Well, apart from it being a powerful weapon forged from a metal that can cut Superman without much trouble, it hosts a number of spectacular powers. Ever wanted to control the weather? Whip up a tidal wave or tsunami? Rain lightning on for foe either from the sky or directly from your trident? Well, with the trident of Neptune (or Poseidon sometimes) you can do all of that and more. In some depictions it can even transform living creatures into alternate forms or vanish objects. Another nice feature is that only Atlantean royalty can wield the trident, meaning that if you try to nick it off of him, all you'll achieve is an electric shock that would most likely kill you if you don't have superpowers.

5) He WILL Kill You

All superheroes have a line that they won't cross. Most of them draw it at killing. Aquaman, however, likes to paint his own line a little past that stage. So basically, if you mess with him, he isn't going to take mercy upon your soul and lock you up where you'll only break out and wreak more havoc. Oh, no. As a king and a warrior he sees things a little differently. If you're a threat to him or his people then he'll just execute you. Sometimes he'll give you a trial back in Atlantis, but if you properly ticked him off, then you'll suddenly find yourself with a trident sticking out of your chest.

Wrapping Up...

Thanks for reading guys, feel free to let us know your favorite thing about Aquaman below, and until next time, enjoy your lives!

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