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Emily Stephan

This Disney film came a shock to all the viewers. Most expected this film to be a mediocre remake of one of the classic Disney stories, well we were all wrong. This film sweeps you off your feet as you enter the world of Ella. The world surrounding this family seems perfect almost magical, but for everything that's perfect there is also upset. This Disney film was well written and very well directed. I only have one thing to criticize this film for, the photo shopping and editing for some parts was poor. This was very obvious for the wedding of Ella and Kit. However the casting, settings, and the costumes were very well done. I loved how each outfit was designed for each of the characters personalities. Ella's dress was perfect, it fit her personality and stood as a symbol for her mother. I was astounded by the acting of Lily James, and I wouldn't be shocked if we started hearing more about her in the future. On the other hand Cate Blanchett was incredible as always, bringing a strong personality for her character the Stepmother. The top five actors/actresses of this film did an amazing job, making Ella's world seem realistic. 1. Cate Blanchett 2. Lily James 3. Richard Madden 4. Helena Bonham Carter 5. Sophie McShera. I can say this movie was not a waste of my time, and it would be a waste for you either. If you were not planning on seeing this film, find someone and go. This film is made for all ages to enjoy, so do not worry who to bring. Cinderella already received $70.1 million dollars world wide, making this a phenomenal start. I wouldn't be surprised if Cinderella defiantly was a hit of 2015.


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