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From King of the North to Prince of the Land, Richard Madden seems to pull off the royal persona fairly well! Despite suffering a fairly grisly death at the hands of his enemies in Game of Thrones, Madden quickly reclaimed his royal status as the latest Prince Charming in Disney's live-action Cinderella.

The 1950's Prince, while regal and handsome, possessed little in the way of character development or depth. Yet, Madden creates a Prince "worthy of [Cinderella's] affections" and characterized by charming gallantry and the perfect touch of human vulnerability.

So Richard's Prince is charming? Check! Handsome? Check! Multi-dimensional? Oh yes! But what else does Prince Kit have to offer? Luckily, during his stay in Los Angeles for the Hollywood premiere of Cinderella, I had the chance to chat with Disney's latest Prince and found out what exactly he's hiding behind all of that royal garb!

Q. If you could have any superpower at all, what would it be and why?

A. Stop time. Life's just not long enough! I'd stop it so I could get on with things. I'd stop it so I could read more and do things. I'm a big sci-fi geek, so I like reading sci fi and sci fi books. I'd love to be on some sort of space ship with a laser gun! That's a dream!

Looks like Richard keeps getting cast in the wrong genres! Thankfully, he technically already has a strong tie to one of sci fi's most famous icons, Doctor Who. Richard has been dating the Doctor's current companion Jenna Coleman since 2011 and has even paid a visit to the Tardis herself! Don't worry, though. The two never bicker over whose show has the superior fandom and both "love each others shows."

Hopefully, Richard will be able to trade in his crown and sword for a laser gun sometime soon!

Q. What is your dream production, film, or genre to work on?

A. If we take a mix of space ships and laser guns and dinosaurs...if we could somehow combine those two, I'd be pretty into it. If [the next Jurassic Park is in space], I will be trying to get a part desperately! I can't wait [for Jurassic World]! I've heard it's awesome and amazing. You know, I love the Jurassic Park films. I think I do watch them once a year.

While I'm sure we are all incredibly excited to check out Chris Pratt and his pet velociraptors in Jurassic World, it would have admittedly been pretty cool to see Richard Madden take on the reptilian beasts. Maybe he could have used his sword fighting skills to ward them off!

Q. What was it like wearing that costume? It was very regal, but it didn't look very comfortable!

A. It wasn't the most comfortable thing! But, actually, it added alot to my character. When I first met Sandy [Powell], I wanted to make something that would retain the masculinity, so it wasn't too, you know, over the top decadent or feminine, and actually, Sandy managed to do that. It's intimidating to see these costumes and go "how am I going to pull off a white costume with glitter and sequins." But then you put it on, and in the context of these sets, it makes you feel regal. It helps your posture. It helps you stand up straight and walk in a different way. Although you do feel really exposed in tight trousers! Do you stand with your back to the wall? But then it's your front! So you turn your front to the wall, but then there's your back! You just kind of feel really uncomfortable the whole time!

While the outfits in the film definitely create an air of regality and exhibit historical accuracy, poor Richard seems to have been constricted in all the wrong places during his time on set. Sorry for your suffering Richard. Nevertheless, Disney fans everywhere salute your sacrifice!

Q. What was the grandiose dance scene like from your perspective?

A. It wasn't fun! I'm not a naturally gifted dancer, and, uh, I don't enjoy it. I didn't go to any of those classes in drama school. I was like "I don't dance! I don't need to learn to dance!" I instantly regret that now! But I trained about three or four days a week for about two and half months before they'd even let me near the real dress. I destroyed two practice dresses completely. They just ripped to shreds. It looked like cats got a hold of them! I wanted to focus on acting with Lily on the day and not be thinking about what I was doing with my feet. So we just trained really hard to make that happen.

While Richard may not have enjoyed the process of learning the dance, the ballroom waltz truly appeared to be a scene straight out of a fairy tale book! Richard later admitted that despite all his moaning about dance lessons, his favorite iconic scene to recreate ironically happens to be the spectacular ballroom scene. With a massive beautiful set, two thousands lit candles, and six hundred extras, the dance scene truly was special.

Before we move on, can we please take a moment of silence for the two ball gowns Richard destroyed? They will be sorely missed...

Q. What other projects do you have coming up other than 2016's Romeo and Juliet?

A. I finished a film with Idris Elba in September called Bastille Day, which is kind of a modern day thing which is great because I'm in jeans and a t-shirt for a change. It's an action-y, French connection type thing with hopefully a bit of humor in it. It's good because I'm not playing someone that's royal! He doesn't have a good moral compass. He's a pickpocket, a street rat. Totally different to everything else I've done. I also did Lady Chatterley's Lover for the BBC, which will be on in the summertime.
Bastille Day during the French Revolution
Bastille Day during the French Revolution

From a king to a prince and finally to a street rat, it looks like Richard can finally shed the tight trousers and sword for something a little more comfortable. Although, taking on the role of Romeo might not entail the most comfortable clothing!

While I'm sure the charming Richard is teeming with fun stories from on and off the set, an interview can only last so long. However, count your blessings! At least now we have a small taste of what it's like to be a royal!

P.S. Richard takes excellent selfies with his interviewers!


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