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We all enjoy a good superhero movie. One of those movies where they always beat the bad guy. A movie that always leaves you happy at the end. Well not all superhero movies are like that. Marvel has done a good job of keeping its fans happy. But, many of us often forget some of the more depressing things that have happened in this massive movie universe. So, here is a count down of the top ten saddest moments in the marvel cinematic universe.

10. Thor: The Dark World

She will always be in our hearts
She will always be in our hearts

Scene: Frigga's Death

This was not too sad of a scene. Though, it was slightly morbid. In this scene, Frigga is protecting Jane Foster from the Dark Elves. She has no real idea why she is so important. Also, Jane Foster had not even been there for a day and Frigga risked her life for a women she just met. This shows the sadness and compassion that came with her death

9. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

In all his furious glory
In all his furious glory

Scene: NIck Fury's death at the hospital

This one was a difficult choice to put in the list. Although he never really died, it still struck all the unknowing fans in the heart

8. Thor

Scene: Thor's Banishment

This scene managed to get me in the heart. Oden must banish his favorite son. Whether he says it or not, Thor was his favorite. He was adored among every one. And he was to be banished by one of the few people who loved him the most.

7. Iron Man 3

Scene: Jarvis shuts down in the snow

This was not as much sad as it was worrying. In this scene, Jarvis shuts down after crash landing into the snow. Tony is left alone and abandoned. He has to rely solely on himself.

6. Iron Man 2


Scene: Tony watches a video by his father that was meant for him

This scene shows that out of everything Howard had done to his son, he still loved him.

5. Guardians of the Galaxy

Scene: When Peter talks with his mother before she passes away

This was by far, very sad. He did not have a father to help him through his mother's death. As a child, he might have felt that he was being abandoned. So he runs out of the hospital with no idea of where he is going.

4. The Avengers

Scene: Agent Coulson's death

This was very sad for many fans of the MCU. Phil Coulson acted as one of the best characters the movies had to offer. With his witty humor and business-like manner. He would be sorely missed. Thankfully, he was revived in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

3. Thor

Scene: Loki falling into empty space

In this scene, after being portrayed as the bad guy for so long, showed that all he wanted was love and acceptance just like anyone else. He lets go of his staff and falls into empty space, having no idea where he is going

2. Captain America: The First Avenger

Scene: Captain America tries to land Red skull's plane

This was very hard to put as number two. In this scene, Steve Rogers tries to land Red Skull's plane with no idea where he is going. Over the radio, he speaks to Agent Carter. He begins to talk to her about what they are doing after the war is all over. Though, they both know that he will not make it out of this. He promises her a dance.

1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Scene: We are groot!

Watching this movie in theaters brought, really brought tears to my eyes. With Ronan's ship crashing into Xandar, Groot puts a protective seal around his friends. Groot knew that he would not make it. Rocket Raccoon begins to cry. Using a root from Groot's body, Groot wipes a tear from Rocket's eyes. And he says, with a smiling face, "We are Groot"

So what did you guys think? Did I get them all? Leave your comments below!


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