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The Punisher (2004)-Cast-Thomas Jane, John Travolta, Rebecca Romijn, Ben Foster, John Pinette, and Kevin Nash. Director: Jonathan Hensleigh

I often feel as if this movie is routinely an underdog. It doesn't get the hype or respect it deserves. Thomas Jane as (Frank Castle/The Punisher) is having the time of his life when the movie starts. Nice scenes of family vacations and him on the job as a cop. His happy life gets turned upside down in a heartbeat.

What Frank Castle(Jane) must do to release his anger and avenge his family is what really makes this movie WHAT IT IS. Very dramatic, gut wrenching deaths so up close. John Travolta of all people is the villain, Howard Saint, I think this was one of his best recent roles. In the last 15 years or so. Him and his gang were pretty believable baddies.

Rebecca Romijn (as Joan) helps Castle come to term with his family's death and helps to stop the bloodshed. Although, the action scenes are the heartbeat of this film and I recommend checking it out, a few times. A TRUE remake should be in the works-At least I hope so. There is so much more they could do now that it's 2015. I try not to include the 1980's version of Punisher, Dolph Lundgren has never been on my favorite actor

And to end on a good note, I will not go into Punisher: WarZone. It seemed like such a reach after the great cast of the original from 2004. It SHOULD'VE been far, far better.


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