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As I started collecting 1/6 hot-toys figures i noticed that the female joints aren't that good & don't look good when exposed.

Well there is another company i found out about called Phicen they also make 1/6 figures but their joints are hidden seamless bodies.

Unlike hot-toys they have their female bodies being as flexible as you want picture i woman stretching in real life well these 1/6 doll can do the same kind of pose without breaking unlike hot-toys it wouldn't work.

Hot-toys have made some seamless bodies before but never female the they did make seamless arms for Gamora which is good but they didn't do so for the legs.

Also hot-toys necks aren't the flexible like Phicen necks some pics for a sample.

Hot-toys necks would have riped off or even broke not like Phicen necks.

Gamora's arms are good but her legs can't really move well not to mention her neck is a little harder then the other necks made by Phicen.

As far as extra's hot-toys don't bring much with hands & weapons this 1/6 Gamora only brings six hands & two swords a open one & a closed one & being that the price is $209.99.

This 1/6 female is only $174.99 & comes with eight hands & five swords a much cheaper & better deal plus the body can do more crazy poses then the other can.

Both figures do look good & really realistic but the Phicen looks more natural then the hot-toys version of the female body.

Overall both company's are good if you want more movement then Phicen would be the company to buy from if you want more detailed face's & bodies hot toys would be for you just wouldn't be getting as much movement.


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