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With The Flash show being only less then a year old, it has gained a lot of popularity. Either its mix of story lines from the popular comic, or the SFX that are displayed each week to captivate its audience and fans. And as the show continues on, people like to speculate as to what may come next. So lets being to speculate, shall we?

Over the weekend, at PaleyFest, producers and some cast members from the show were doing a Q&A segment. During the Q&A, Greg Berlanti was asked if we would ever see anybody else from the Flash family, such as, Wally West or Bart Allen? Here is what Greg had to say to that.

“That’s our hope. And we’ve already been picked up for a second season so I think if we were going to do something like that, we would do it next season.”

He also went on to say that it would be Wally West we would be seeing.

So if Wally is to appear, how would they introduce him?

I believe they had set themselves up since the first episode to do the new 52 Wally West character. At least that would be the logical explanation to me. Of course they are more than likely to mix and match backgrounds.

What are your thoughts of adding members to the Flash family for the show?


Are you excited to see the potential appearance of Wally West?


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