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This film had an excellent starring actor, fantastic supporting actors and cinematography like we had never seen. And yet I left the theater feeling like it wasn't such a great movie. It made me wonder, why did I think that? All the evidence supports that it's a great movie. And then it hit me: The end of the film does not support the theme of the movie.

Michael Keaton did a fantastic job of portraying this character. You could clearly see his insanity and yet he was so convinced he was sane that we didn't know what to believe. The way he reacted to the voice inside his head made me feel as if he was really insane and should be emitted to a hospital.

The supporting actors somehow made us feel like that dingy old theater was home. Edward Norton showed us the other spectrum of insanity. Almost a similar opposite of what Michael Keatons' character was experiencing. Emma Stones' character also added to how great the film was. She somehow portrayed exactly how a teenager feels and took us to a deeper level that I didn't even know about myself. Of course a lot of that was thanks to the script but she definitely pulled it off better than most actresses would.

The cinematography in the film made you feel the anxiety and emotion of the main character. I kept waiting for the scene to have a clean cut but it never came. Eventually I would get lost and forget but I would always come back to the awe of the filming and devotion of the actors. This filming style also added to the reality of the movie and almost makes you forget that what's happening isn't actually happening.

And then the ending. The whole movie is just showing us how real and crazy life is. And then the end makes us feel like it is just another movie. Ones where there are "happily ever afters". The end is totally up for interpretation but everything I've thought has just come up the same way. Unrealistic. This movie does such a great job of showing us grim reality that the ending just makes no sense. It's unsettling. And the movie leaves off on a question mark when it would have been so much more impactful as an exclamation mark.

This would have been one of the greatest movies I've ever seen (the ones they reference in film books although I'm sure they still will) if they hadn't of made the ending the way they did. But regardless of the ending it is a remarkable movie which I would refer to anyone.


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