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[Spoiler Alert] Please stop reading if you do not want to read any spoilers concerning The Flash!

The Flash is only in its first season but that hasn't stopped the producers from introducing a variety of characters from the comic books. Viewers have seen characters ranging from Captain Cold, to The Reverse-Flash, and it seems that a new speedster is already racing from the comics to the small screen in order to join The Flash next season.

During a Q&A session at Paleyfest, Flash showrunner, Greg Berlanti revealed that Wally West will be making his way down to the small screen. He was asked whether or not a member of the "Flash family" would join the show, to which Berlanti responded:

“That’s our hope. And we’ve already been picked up for a second season so I think if we were going to do something like that, we would do it next season.”

Following the conclusion of the "Flashpoint" storyline, DC Comics revamped their comic book lineup with the colossal event known as The New 52. This relaunched changed the details, costumes, and storylines of many established heroes. One character in particular, Wally West, had his race changed from caucasian to African-American.

DC Comics
DC Comics

When asked back in September if the television series would follow the new continuity set by The New 52, Berlanti confirmed that Wally West would indeed be African-American. It was also revealed by Flash producer Andrew Kriesberg that Wally West was introduced as African-American in order to accommodate the show. When talking on the matter, Kriesberg said:

"What's very cool is in the New 52 they hadn't reintroduced Wally [yet]," Kreisberg said, adding that because they were working with DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns on the show, "when they reintroduced Wally, they made him African-American. So now and forever, Kid Flash will be African-American."

Considering the storyline explored during The New 52 version of Wally West, viewers can expect to see more members of the West family pop-up in future episodes.

Are you excited for the inevitable introduction of Wally West on The Flash? Or do you think it is to soon? Let us know in the comments below!


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