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It's only been a couple of weeks, but is anyone else feeling some Arrow withdrawal? Along with [The Flash](series:1068303), this is one of my absolute favorite TV shows, and I can't wait for it's return this week, especially after that dramatic offer in Nanda Parbat.

Luckily, not only is the next episode up tonight, but during the break we've been handed lots of hints and info about what we are going to be seeing. I've pulled out some of the most exciting moments for you here - but be warned, there are (obviously) some big spoilers coming up! Much of the best info came from THR and Deadline's coverage of this weekend's PaleyFest, along with an interview by TVLine.

Even more exciting is the trailer that was aired at PaleyFest! If you weren't lucky enough to be there, you can see some recorded footage below.

So what can we expect to see in the coming weeks?

1. More people learn Oliver's "secret".

Can we really call Oliver's identity a secret anymore? It seems that half of Starling City know who the Arrow really is... and that number is about to go up by two. According to the PaleyFest panel, Ray Palmer and Detective Lance are about to discover Oliver's secret - essentially making every major character in the show aware of what is going on. It's unsurprising that Ray would find out, now that his ATOM suit is up and running and he's going to be taking to the streets as a vigilante himself. Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim revealed to TVLine that although Palmer may have a similar goal to [Arrow](series:720988), they are definitely not working together to achieve it.

[Ray will] go about things in a very different way than the Arrow does and he’s not a part of Team Arrow. Right now, he’s just a very smart guy in a very, very powerful suit. Oliver’s definitely going to have an opinion, and the first instance of that will be in Episode 317.

As for Detective Lance, well it's about time!! He's been working with Arrow for some time now, but he hasn't yet discovered his true identity. Now he'll find out, and it seems that he isn't too happy about it.

2. Olicity is over... for now, at least.

Fans of Olicity (Oliver and Felicity as a couple) were heartbroken at seeing Felicity and Ray get together, and it seems that this is going to continue for a little while at least. Now Felicity is debating her future with Team Arrow. Emily Bett Rickards (who plays Felicity) has said that "[Felicity] needs the time to go and explore other options." while executive producer Andrew Kriesberg has explained a little more about Felicity's reasons for moving on.

Part of the fun of watching couples on television is keeping them apart and watching how other people come in and out of their lives. For right now, Oliver has decided that [he] can’t do this, and Felicity’s not just going to sit around waiting for him. And he’s Brandon Routh. How can you blame her?

3. Nyssa Leaves the League

Obviously, we can expect some fallout from Ra's Al Ghul's shocking offer to Oliver in Nanda Parbat, and one of the biggest changes as a result will be in Nyssa Al Ghul. Where we left off, Nyssa was caught and being kept in the Arrow-cave, when Thea came down to open the door and offer her life as penance for her part in Sara's death. While we can surmise that Nyssa doesn't take her up on the offer, she's certainly not planning on staying in Nanda Parbat if it's under Oliver's rule. Talking to TVLine, executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains a little about Nyssa's reaction to the news.

Nyssa is the Heir to the Demon, so you can imagine how she feels when she finds out that what she considered to be her birthright is being handed to Oliver. From Nyssa’s perspective, it has everything to do with Sara. From Ra’s perspective? Maybe, maybe not. [Nyssa is sent] on a different trajectory where she’s seeing what kindness looks like for the first time, and she’s seeing what normal people look like for the first time.

Does this mean that Nyssa will be coming to Starling City? She is a character that I would love to see have a bigger role in the show, and seeing her start to experience more of a normal life would be absolutely fascinating.

4. Shado Returns

In the PaleyFest trailer, we got a little glimpse of this familiar face. Shado may have died back on the island, but it seems that we aren't done with her yet. Given that she has already died in the flashbacks, I'm assuming we won't see her again in the land of the living, but there are still some more options for how she can be worked in. We could get a little more detail about what happened on the island, especially with Slade having made a recent reappearance himself. However, that could be complicated, as the flashbacks have been moving forward so far. Having them suddenly switch up the timeline again could just be too much.

However, according to Collider, the flashbacks are going to go full circle, coming back to where we first met Oliver on the island. That could make it much easier for Shado to reappear.

5. Oliver Goes To War With Ra's

Amell revealed that Ra's offer isn't really an offer, and that it puts Oliver in something of an tough position.

It's an offer in name only. It's not really an offer, it's a demand. If Oliver says no, there will be incredibly dire consequences.

While Oliver may be tempted to accept, and Merlyn tells him about a prophesy that suggests it's not up to him to decide, I don't think that Oliver would really leave Starling City. However, turning down the offer will bring down the fury of the League on Team Arrow. It's going to be absolutely incredible to watch, and I can't wait to see how he tries to deal with this new twist!

So what does it all mean? I'm sure that there will be many more twists in the remaining eight episodes of Season 3, and then I actually will go into withdrawal as Arrow goes off the air until Season 4 begins in the fall.

What do you think of the hints dropped at PaleyFest?


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