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Leo is finally going to win an Academy Award!!!! Bold prediction? Yes. Here's my thoughts on why?

Now I'm not a professional movie critic, member of the academy, or anything like that but I love and am a very big fan of movies.

(Granted the movie hasn't premiered yet and this is just a prediction, but I have watched almost every Leonardo DiCaprio movie. He's my favorite actor and one of my idols.)

Finally, Leo taken on a role that is not a typical Leonardo DiCaprio role; where he looks perfect and every girl is drooling over him. In this film, he's grown a nasty beard, looks to have horrible hygiene, and from the picture looks like a complete badass. Not to say a typical Leonardo DiCaprio role is bad, but he's widening his range as an actor which will potentially win him his first Oscar.

I have a few thoughts on why this movie will win Leo his first Oscar.

1. Working with Alejandro González Iñárritu

He has paired himself with a great director (Alejandro González Iñárritu) who is coming off a huge year at the Oscars (winning 3 Oscar: Best Screenplay, Director, and Picture). Obviously this year is the most successful of Iñárritu's career but he has had a lot of success in the past as well. The majority of Iñárritu's films have seemed to nab Oscar nominations for actors that he's worked with (Keaton, Bardem, Norton, Watts, Stone, Del Toro), so I think a nomination is guaranteed, also considering Leo's past success. The point I want to make about Leo working with Iñárritu, is that Iñárritu got the best performance from Michael Keaton's career and that nearly won him an Oscar.

(If it wasn't for the career defining role of Eddie Redmayne, Keaton may have won)

Now if this success carries over with this film and Iñárritu is able to have the same success with DiCaprio, well than I guess you can guarantee Leo every major award including the Oscar.

Also it is reported according to IMDB, that Sean Penn was originally set to play Hugh Glass instead of Leo. Could this be a blessing in disguise? Penn, winner of two Oscars dropped the role because of scheduling conflicts. This wouldn't be the first time a potential Oscar role was passed on by the initial choice and had gone on to win the Oscar.

(These are roles turned down by actors who have already won an Oscar which led to roles that won actors their first Oscar. For example: Jack Nicholson passed on Al Pacino's role in Scent of a Woman, Julia Roberts passed on Sandra Bullock's role in The Blindside.)

Could this be a mistake by Penn? and Leo's greatest achievement in acting?

(Side note: this isn't the first great director Leo has worked with, the combined work of Leo and other great directors (Scorsese, Eastwood, Mendes, Zwick, etc.) doesn't go unnoticed here.)

2. Working with Tom Hardy

He's also paired himself with another great (upcoming) actor (Tom Hardy). Though this isn't the first time these two have worked together (Inception), Tom Hardy has emerged as a rising star with great potential. He's proven that he is a great supporting actor in his films (Warrior, Dark Knight Rises and Lawless) and is very versatile. I believe both actor will receive Oscar nominations due to Iñárritu ability to get outstanding performances from his actors/actresses. Throughout Leo's career he has been paired with actors who have gone on to win Oscars and/or receive Oscar nominations. I believe this will translate into this film.

3. Leo's dedication to win an Oscar.

Since he was nominated at the young age of 19, he has been destined to win an Oscar. The only problem is the terrible luck he has every February that he is nominated for an Oscar. Every time he has been nominated, another actor happens to give a career defining role and win the Oscar over Leo. Not down playing the great performance that Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive), Jamie Foxx (Ray), Forrest Whitaker (Last King of Scotland) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers' Club) but the timing of these performances couldn't be worse for Leo.

(Again, not down playing these performances, they were all amazing performances. I'm just stressing Leo's bad luck when it comes to the Oscars.)

Leo's dedication on winning an Oscar is proven seeing as though since his first nomination in 1994, he has received four Oscar nominations and ten Golden Globe nominations for acting. I believe, Leo's ultimate goal is to win an Academy Award for acting and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. His dedication on this particular film is shown by widening his acting range and stepping into a role that is not his usual role. All his Oscar nominations have been because of his widened range of acting and his amazing ability to become the character.

His portrayal of amazing characters such as Arnie Grape (What's Eating Gilbert Grape), Howard Hughes (The Aviator), Danny Archer (Blood Diamond), and Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) are prime examples of the amazing range of his talent. Arnie Grape, a boy with a developmental disability; Howard Hughes, a pioneer of aviation who suffered from OCD and chronic pain; Danny Archer, a cold blooded diamond smuggler who will stop at nothing for money; Jordan Belfort, a stock broker addicted to drugs, sex, and wealth. All these roles not only help define the amazing talent of DiCaprio but lead to question, would he have won an Oscar if he was against different competition?

I believe his portrayal of Hugh Glass, famous for his frontier folk hero and legacy, will once again show his great talent as an actor and in the end win him his first Oscar.

4. Look at that face.

Let's be honest how many more times can we stand to look at Leo's face of defeat. Even Jonah and Marty look like they are going to cry.

Thanks if you read the article, this is my first one. I wanted to write it on something I'm passionate about such as film and my favorite actor/idol Leonardo DiCaprio. I realize this article may come off as bias but I'd love to hear your thoughts and criticism. Thanks again for reading.


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