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Daniel Jones

Seriously,this shit is going nowhere fast.

The type of story that is being told is leading these survivors to a mass conflict. This being said this is the same story as last season(and seasons before) .

We are going to see some major characters die. kill the unfortunate, yet hostile people .... along with the undead. Believe that the best is coming. In the end we are going to see controversy, see our favorite people in tears. fighting for some fight that they will never win.

im just saying i hope that Rick kills that son of a bitch!! for Carols sake!!

such a sexy, brave woman
such a sexy, brave woman

I dont care how they plan next season.I fear that Gabrielle is going to ruin there chances. hopefully i am clear on this. he will be the main contender. im just saying rip the book off your religion,tear off your CLERICAL CLOTHING. you are the devil in this situation.

this is my first post guys take it easy on me!!!


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