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Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson Join The Cast Of American Horror Story: Hotel!

At yesterday's (Sunday March 15) American Horror Story Paleyfest panel, it was revealed that both Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson will join the cast next season.

Matt Bomer.
Matt Bomer.

No details have been given on what role they may have in the upcoming installment of the hit anthology series.

"I know nothing"

says Jackson while Bomer teases,

"I can't really specify too much. I can't confirm or deny that it may be a romantic relationship [between him and Lady Gaga]."
Cheyenne Jackson.
Cheyenne Jackson.

Both actors are no stranger to working with American Horror Story creator, Ryan Murphy. Jackson has some appearances on Glee, while Bomer collaborated with Murphy on The New Normal, Glee, The Normal Heart and a guest starring role in last season’s Freak Show, where he...

"only got to dip [his] toes in the freaky-deaky nature of this show," [so he's] "ready to go to the deep end, baby."

It was announced late last month that Grammy-winning pop star, Lady Gaga, will headline the series.

Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga.

Not returning is Emmy and Golden Globe winner Jessica Lange, who has decided to leave the show after appearing in the previous four seasons.

"We've had a great run here. I mean, I have absolutely loved doing these four characters that I've had the opportunity to play. And in all the madness, I've loved my writers and the actors and Ryan and the whole insanity of it. ... but yes, I'm done."

said Lange.

Jessica Lange in AHS: Coven.
Jessica Lange in AHS: Coven.

Matt Bomer has starred in White Collar, In Time, Chuck, Magic Mike, and the soon to be released Magic Mike XXL.

Cheyenne Jackson had previously starred in 30 Rock, Ugly Betty, Mockingbird Lane, Behind the Candelabra and United 93.

The 13-episode fifth season of American Horror Story is expected to debut in October.

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