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He's a great character that is quite unknown to most

Moon Knight while not a well known character is a great one, His origin and multiple personalities would make a great plot not to mention his multiple personalities actually eventually became Other Marvel hero's like iron man, Captain america, Spiderman and Wolverine now although we can't have wolverine who could he be replaced by? But that is besides the point also the way he got his Moon inspired weapons is very interesting and that this could be a very interesting movie

He Is the perfect anti hero for Marvel studio's to rival with Fox's Deadpool

Now we all know where getting A Deadpool which i am excited for but that is fox's property. Which Means the Main marvel franchise would require An Anti Hero to rival with Deadpool. This Brings me to Moon Knight now Moon Knight is no way in hell a good guy but he is not a bad guy either. Which makes him an anti hero, Not to mention Moon Knight has beaten Deadpool in the comics so why can't he beat deadpool in the box office battles.

He's a fresh breath of air for some movie fans

Most people know who is gonna be in a superhero movie these days we all know who batman and superman, Spiderman is as well known as fruit and The Avengers has become a house hold name. Now While We are getting a few new faces in Phase 3 thats basically just set ups for the infinity war. We Still Don't know what will happen In marvels Phase 4 and don't tell me there won't be one but from the hype most people are getting for Phase 3 we know there is most likely going to be a phase 4. Sure we won't get an Avengers 4 but we don't need one if we get some Interesting New hero's and why not kick off Phase 4 With Moon Knight.

He is the perfect Set up for the for a Marvel Knights film

Now most casual movie fans don't know the marvel Know who the marvel Knights are but Those Comic book fans know who i am talking about. Now basically if you don't know who they are here is a who the members are Moon Knight, Dare Devil, Black Widow, Dagger and Shang Chi. Now this team is lead by Dare Devil which means we would need a Dare Devil Movie as well but i am ok with that in Phase 4 If we lead it of with Moon Knight.

And Finally He Would Allow Us to see Fox work with Marvel Studios

WHAT? yeah thats right you see As i mentioned in my first reason Deadpool will most likely be Moon Knights biggest rival in the box office war but what if we bring them together in a real fight on the big screen. There is a story ark where Moon Knight faces off with deadpool but they do eventually end up working together to take down a bigger threat that i won't spoil. And if they did make Moon Knight vs Deadpool official then this would allow us to see wolverine join the Avengers. Have the Avengers vs X Men Storyline Come to the big screen and see more interesting characters that Fox Own show up in Future Films.


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