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It's safe to say that while they're beautiful, adaptable, and determined, Disney princesses go through an awful lot of hardships during their formative years. These girls are mostly teenagers (with Elsa being the notable exception), yet they are thrust into adulthood without much guidance or experience.

Now, the lovely and insightful ladies of Creature have taken matters into their own hands. They've given the grown up princesses the chance to tell their younger selves all the advice they wish they had heard once upon a dream. The video is at once hilarious, charming, and totally spot-on.

Check it out below.

Here's their best pieces of advice that apply not only to their younger selves, but to anyone on the precipice of adulthood.


Do yourself a favor and bring cash with you places. Turns out you can't just take bread. [incredulous look] I know, right?!

Aladdin may have gotten Jasmine off the hook, but cold hard cash comes in handy when you end up at that bar that doesn't take cards. From Agrabah to Los Angeles and beyond, this is sound advice that Jasmine really should have gotten from the Sultan.

Snow White

"You learn a lot from co-ed living, and you'll see some things that can't be unseen."

It was hard to choose between this one and "Invest in Apple." Definitely wish someone had told me that last one about 20 years ago.


Look, Elsa, you're going to be able to play God. Stop and think if you should!

As the oldest and only queen on this list, it only makes sense that Elsa gets the most existential dilemma to mull over.


Gender is fluid. Being feminine doesn't mean you're weak and being masculine doesn't mean your strong. But, DON'T give yourself a haircut. That sh*t does not work out.

Mulan remains flaw-free, but this is some amazing advice that cannot be repeated enough. Don't let conventional gender roles define your own strength.


Stay away from pricks.

Perfect pun is perfect.


What's that thingamabob? The fine print. Read it.

About to sign your life (or voice) away? Actually read the document you're putting your signature on (unless it's a terms and conditions update).


If your entire town thinks you're weird and that weird is bad, when you're ready, get yourself a new town.

Leave those provincial folks behind and trudge out on your own! Who needs 'em?


One word: flats.

I wonder if demands can be made to the Fairy Godmother for footwear alterations. Though, I'm not sure if anything can save any kind of glass apparel.

What advice would you give to your younger self?


Which Disney princess gave the best retrospective advice?


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