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Kenneth Branagh's breathtaking live-action remake of Disney's unforgettable classic, Cinderella, rejuvenated all my magical memories of the 1950s animated classic! Personally, I believe Branagh's version to be a wonderful tribute to the original, bringing the classic tale alive with lavish costumes, opulent set design and gorgeous special effects.

But until I saw Oh My Disney's wonderful Cinderella mash-up video, I didn't realize just what 'shot-for-shot' similarity the two movies actually share. Once you watch it, you'll see how striking the parallels really are, uniting two films separated by 65 years of movie history!

Take a look for yourself and tell me which version you prefer the look of!


2015: Lily James

1950: Ilene Woods


Which Cinderella do you prefer?

Prince Charming

2015: Richard Madden

1950: William Phipps / Mike Douglas


Which Prince Charming do you prefer?

Fairy Godmother

2015: Helena Bonham Carter

1950: Verna Felton


Which Fairy Godmother do you prefer?

Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother)

2015: Cate Blanchett

1950: Eleanor Audley


Which Wicked Stepmother do you prefer?

The Grand Duke

2015: Stellan Skarsgård

1950: Luis van Rooten


Which Grand Duke do you prefer?

The Ugly Sisters (Anastasia and Drizella Tremaine)

2015: Holliday Grainger and Sophie McShera

1950: Lucille Bliss and Rhoda Williams


Which set of ugly sisters do you prefer?

Environments and Special Effects:

The Pumpkin Carriage

The Glass Slipper

The Castle

The Ball


Do you prefer the original's environment or the remake's?

Cinderella's Transformation


Do you prefer the original animation or CG special effects?

Best sure to catch the full video below:

[Source: Oh My Disney]


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