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Rumoured, discussed but never given the full official announcement, the bell has been rung by none other than Jamie Foxx, who has confirmed that he’ll be putting on the gloves of Mike Tyson in a new biopic, directed by Martin Scorsese. If you really think there’s going to be another film announced today that sounds better than that, I’ve been given full permission by mother to knock you out.

Foxx revealed the recent venture on the radio (caught on the wire by Uproxx), that he’s secretly been stuck to the project for some time. Understandably, once he let the details slip, the Oscar-winning actor expressed a lot of enthusiasm over the project and those involved.

“I just went in with Paramount with Mike Tyson. So I’m going to do the Mike Tyson story. Listen, to be in the same room pitching Mike Tyson to Paramount, Mike Tyson is on one side, I’m on the other side and doing Mike Tyson at the same time. And Martin Scorsese at the helm. This will be the first boxing movie that Martin Scorsese has done since Raging Bull.”
Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street.
Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Wolf of Wall Street.

Both the actor and the man set to direct him have had their names linked to the project since Tyson spilled the beans last year. Speaking to IGN, the living boxing legend also revealed that the same technology used in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button would be utilised to allow Foxx to play Tyson at various stages of his life. A life, that understandably, has had highs and notorious lows.

It’ll go without saying that whilst Tyson’s dedication and success in his boxing career will make up a majority of the film, his time six-year prison sentence for rape, drug possession and driving under the influence will not go unnoticed. This of course, followed shortly after the death of his four-year old daughter, Exodus.

Terence Winter, writer of The Wolf Of Wall Street, is on script writing duties, which will no doubt add to the high calibre creative force that will be behind the project. Currently there are no official dates for either production or release, but expect that to change as it develops.

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