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Having breathed life into a singing, dancing snowman from the safety of a sound booth, Frozen star, Josh Gad may have to flex his muscles as well as his vocal chords for his next effort with the House of Mouse. News from THR has revealed that they hope to recapture some of his sprightly, side-splitting skills after hiring him for the role of Lefou in the live-action take on their classic animation, Beauty And The Beast.

Lefou, if childhood memory serves correctly, was the split-toothed sidekick to the films villain, Gaston (set to be played by Luke Evans). The butt of the big bads jokes, Lefou helps the pony-tailed terror hatch his plan to wed Belle, who prefers her men cursed with dog breath and hideous beast-like features. Whatever floats your steamboat, I guess.

Emma Watson will slowly have her heart stolen as Belle from Dan Steven’s Beast in the tale as old as time.
Emma Watson will slowly have her heart stolen as Belle from Dan Steven’s Beast in the tale as old as time.

The film will revive the 1991 versions Oscar-winning music, which shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for Gad, considering he’s already carried a tune or two for Frozen, or Dreamgirls director, Bill Condon, who will be at the helm for the project. It’s interesting to note though, that this will be the first in Disney’s recent revival attempts to actually sing from the same song sheet of the original films and closely follow the classic, instead of taking the route of expanding on it like Alice In Wonderland and Maleficent did, or in the case of the Cinderella remake, without any songs at all.

Emma Watson will be stealing audiences hearts as the titular beauty, Belle, and The Guest’s Dan Stevens will be snarling and leaving her to swoon as the films Beast. Currently there are no confirmed names for the cutlery, furniture and other household appliances that magically dance and dine in the film, but if someone doesn’t The Artist’s Jean Dujardin the part of Lumiere, magic spells will be cast. You’ve been warned, Disney.

Beauty And The Beast should be getting underway some time this year, with an aim to be released in cinemas in 2016. What do you think of the casting choices so far? Are Disney doing a good job? Give a yay, nay or other such comments in the box below.


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