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Team Frank or Team Jamie? That is the question Outlander fans have been left pondering after the thrilling last episode. As we wait to see what is in store for our loveable heroine in April, we have the perfect opportunity to take stock of Claire’s charming beaus.

While many Outlander viewers may have already decided on their ideal match, I’ve got to admit to feeling rather torn between beautiful, romantic Jamie and brooding, mysterious Frank.

Therefore, the following is a kind of pros and cons list, rather than an all encompassing analysis. It is what stands out to me, and what I feel is crucial to consider when choosing who to root for as we enjoy the rest of the season.

Jamie Fraser

I’m going to start with my thoughts about Jamie, cause I feel as though most fans of the show are probably hoping for the beautiful coupling of the Scottish wildman and the English rose. I understand the attraction of this, but have some doubts about him that I feel compelled to mention straight off the bat.

Looking dashing!
Looking dashing!

1. Firstly, I wonder if Jamie is perhaps TOO in love with Claire.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a love-at-first-sight story as much as the next girl, but his willingness to marry her and the longing looks he has given her since their first meeting, suggest a kind of naive infatuation. She saved his life and is an exciting new addition to their testosterone-filled troupe, so I’m concerned that these factors may have clouded his judgement and may not create the conditions for a healthy coupling.

2. Is he (at this early stage in the show) a little too one-dimensional? Although he has stated that he was well-educated as a child, I wonder if he is going to be enough of an intellectual sparring partner for our brilliant lead. Sure, he is clever for 1743 rural Scottish highlands standards, but is he a match for our Claire?

3. He needs a chance to develop and show some flaws. I realise these comments are a little premature, but I still feel that they are worthy of consideration. So far in the season, Jamie has constantly been injured, attacked or threatened, so we are yet to see how the two of them interact as man and wife on a ‘normal’ day to day basis - except for in the bedroom on their wedding night, which seemed to go alright!

Hottest scene yet?
Hottest scene yet?

Frank Randall

Now for Frank, seemingly the underdog given his lack of ripped abs and sexy Scottish accent. When he began to give up on ever finding Claire, I started to give up on him. But now, he is showing a bit more spark and a bit more potential. I just have a few qualms about seeing the two triumphantly reunited.

Piercing, mysterious eyes
Piercing, mysterious eyes

1. Where Jamie is the brawn, Frank is certainly the brains, but does he give Claire credit for her intelligence and potential? Is he perhaps more old-fashioned when it comes to respecting women that 18th century Jamie is? When Claire raves about her impressive Oxford-employed husband to the people of Inverness, he fails to give her the credit she deserves as a life-saving heroine of WWII. Sure, he knows about history, but does he dwell too much in the past and not appreciate what he has (well, had) in the present? Is his cerebral nature a hindrance to their relationship, or will Claire miss it after she spends some more time chatting to Jamie?

2. Frank is certainly a mysterious fellow. With those dark, brooding eyes and dapper suits, I wonder what he got up to as an officer during the war. It is suggested that he is struggling with the tasks he was assigned, but will we ever find out more about his days as a spy? What secrets are lurking behind that stoney facade? Is he more like Black Jack Randall than we have been led to believe?

3. I saw a fan’s comment suggesting that Claire’s decision is made more complicated by the ‘7 year itch’ potential of Claire and Frank’s marriage. I’m not sure that the difficulties attributed to this condition would occur when you were separated for about 5 years of your marriage, but the comment was an interesting reminder of the history Frank and Claire share. Although we know little about the early days of their relationship, one assumes, and flashbacks have suggested, that the years they spent together before the outbreak of the war were joyful. It would be a big call to suggest that Jamie is worth abandoning an unjustly interrupted, but overwhelmingly love-filled and happy marriage. Sure, the traumas of the war caused a rupture in Frank and Claire’s time together, but the second honeymoon was going so swimmingly and perhaps they were right on track to recovering from the difficult times they spent apart.

A perfect match?
A perfect match?

I’ll tell you what, the more I think about it, the harder it is to decide what I am hoping for when [Outlander](series:1001496) returns!

Sure, I want to see more steamy sex scenes, discover more about the complex character of Black Jack Randall and enjoy some more flogging scenes with a topless Jamie, but choosing a partner for Claire is just too big of an ask.

What do you think - should Claire continue to do all she can to return to 1945 and the loving arms of Frank? Or should she give doe-eyed, steel-abbed Jamie a chance to win her over?


Who do you want Claire to end up with?


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