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As children, when given our coloring books we were told to color inside the lines. The following images forget that rule, and the results are hilarious. Some of them are definitely crossing the line, but that's what makes them funny!

Domination, meth labs, cheating's all about to get very un-Disney.

1. Maid Minion

So Gru likes to be dominated while he plots for world domination? I could have guessed that...he looks the type.

2. Elmo and the puppet show

Wait, what? No is he even?! Oh, now I get it.

3. Trippy Mickey

Licking frogs to get high? Mickey, has it come to this?! But he looks really happy, at least we know he's on a good trip. A really good psychedelic trip. Let's hope he comes down before Minnie sees how high he is.

4. Jigsaw Victim

Do you wanna play a little game?

5. Snow White and The Meth Lab

So now I know Doc must have got his name for being a Grade A meth cook. Dopey is probably a street name. AND SNOW WHITE IS THE ONE WHO KNOCKS. Wonder if they whistle while they work, might be kinda hard with the masks on.

6. Petrified Piglet

Oh poor Piglet, he should have licked the same frog as Mickey and then he would be having so much fun.

7. Halloween Pumpkin

Better not let Piglet see this one. He's already on a bad trip.

8. Rapunzel

Don't think the Prince would want this picture leaking to the press....

9. Lion and Giraffe, not so best of friends

"It's the Circle of Life." Just more gory and with a spine showing.

10. Bad Bert and Ernie

Ernie has really lost it this time. Maybe it's Bert always telling him not to leave crumbs in bed all the time?

11. Ariel

Since becoming human she has a new hobby feeding human hearts to blood thirsty dolphins...obviously.

12. Belle

Belle's casting shot for the new season of The Walking Dead.

13. Gaston

Might try watching some make-up YouTube tutorials, and the eyebrows are waaaay too much.

14. Sesame Street

Grover and Elmo enjoying a night of singing..and practicing the Occult.

15. Octu-girl

I really wasn't expecting that at all. I don't think the dog was either.

16. Snow White and Dopey

From meth lab to human sacrifice..Snow've changed.

17. Harry Potter having a hug

Is that Ron Weasley?!

18. Dora the almost captured explorer

Nothing to see here! Just Dora trying to get through immigration without being spotted.

19. Dog Fight

My money is on the pink one.

20. Raunchy Rapunzel

From the Tower to the Strip Club. Hey, a girl's gotta make money.

21. Worms caught in the act

New season of Cheaters involving a love triangle of insects.

22. Swimming with the fishes

You would think the fish that looks a lot like Flounder would help the guy out?

23. Not so Pro-Snowboarder

Who put the barbed wire there? And them legs are pretty hairy.

24. Princess and the Alien

Shouldn't she have a frog? Maybe she licked it and then gave it to Mickey and that's why she's seeing UFO's?


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