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WARNING: Possible Walking Dead comic and TV spoilers ahead. Proceed with caution.

After the absolutely amazing Walking Dead episode we were treated to this week it's going to take an awful lot to beat with the final two episodes of Season 5. Following a season of utter heartbreak for the group, episode 14, "Spend" proved that the bad times were far from over with the sad deaths of both Aidan (yes, he was a dick but it was still sad) and Noah.

With the group as well as Alexandria likely to be in mourning for both community members, I imagine that episode 15, "Try" will be an emotional roller coaster for all involved.

AMC have put out their 30 second trailer for episode 15, as well as a sneak peek into one of the scenes for us to speculate on while we wait for the rest of the week for that brand new episode. Take a look at the highlights of both, then watch the two videos at the end of the article:

The trailer opens at what looks to be a cemetery

Rick comes across a solemn looking Deanna (no doubt, after the death of her son Aidan) who is starring at what looks to be three or four fresh graves. I assume two of them belong to Noah and Aidan, but who the other two belong to are a mystery. It's possible one could belong to Pete given Carol's words to Rick at the end of this Sundays episode. Readers of the comics they may also have suspicions that the fourth grave belongs to a prominent Alexandrian citizen, though time will tell.

Deanna then gives Rick a very stern and silent look and walks away

Meanwhile a voice over of Rick ominously says:

They don't know what they're doing, their rules, we don't answer to them. Any of them.

While we know that Rick had his suspicions that the sheltered Alexandria citizens weren't capable of running the town to the best of its ability, it looks like he is basically ready to undertake a coup and force out Deanna's leadership in favor of the Ricktatorship.

We see Michonne laying out her uniform

She looks apprehensive or reluctant to put it on, and giving the circumstances with the allegations against Pete, and also after Aidan and Noah's deaths, I'm not surprised - I doubt I'd be willing to protect the Alexandrian citizens all that much either.

Meanwhile Daryl spots something while he is outside the walls

Away in the distance it's hard to see what it is that he spots, though it looks like it could be a light of some sort - possibly an outside group.

Deanne sets fire to something

Considering that this is the same woman who insisted on videoing her interviews with the group for the sake of transparency, I would be very interested in knowing what Deanna is intent on hiding. Is she burning a photograph, or a letter?

Someone gets a gun ready

It's unclear exactly who has the gun, a member of the group, or Alexandria or perhaps someone else entirely?

Sasha looks like she spots someone from her tower

She looks as though she has spotted some sort of unusual activity from outside the walls, maybe an outside threat?

Reg yells for Deanna

Is there some sort of risk to Alexandria?

Many members of the group come running

I don't like the look of fear in Carl's eyes, could Rick be in some sort of trouble - maybe with Pete?

It looks like Enid has been sighted by Sasha

We haven't seen anything from Enid since we were introduced to her back in episode 12, she is definitely an intriguing character and one I don't particularly trust. If Sasha has spotted her through her rifle sight then that indicates she is once more outside the walls. What is it she does outside the walls? Can she be trusted, or is she a spy for another group?

Sasha fires a shot...

BUT was it at Enid, or at another group or person?

Next up we have a sneak peek from episode 15, which gives us just over one minute of a scene from next Sundays episode. The scene itself isn't too action packed but does give a general idea of the state of mind of Michonne, as well as an idea about Tara's wellbeing following her injury in episode 14, "Spend":

These scene opens with Michonne starring at the wall

Toward a full washing basket

When she goes over to it, she picks up Noah's shirt

The death of the young group member has clearly hit stoic Michonne pretty deeply.

She lays out her Constable uniform

With a reluctant hand and a heavy sigh.

Rosita knocks and enters

Michonne asks how Tara is and Rosita replies that she's stable, and that she will go back and sit with her soon. She then tells Michonne that she believes that Sasha spent the night in the watch tower, and that no one has seen her.

Michonne leaves her uniform on the bed, grabs a shirt and heads out the door

Episode 15, "Try" is the second-to-last episode of Season 5 of The Walking Dead so it's fair to assume we'll have some good action, and also some very tense moments as the show builds to what will no doubt be a huge finale, especially given that it will be a whopping 90-minutes long.

Watch the whole trailer and sneak peek here:

What do you think we can expect to see in episode 15 "Try"? Tell me below!

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