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Now, when it comes to Marvel and DC's age-old rivalry, there was historically surprisingly little contest when it came to determining the bigger fish of the pair. With their prestige heroes - Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - and the far greater cultural ubiquity they brought with them, DC seemed to have the edge over Marvel for the best part of a century. Sure, Marvel's sales figures over took DC's back in the 60s, but a stream of successful TV series and movies overshadowed that relative disappointment.

And then the Marvel Cinematic Universe arrived - and Marvel suddenly became the preeminent cinematic comic-book adapter around, not least because for a while there they were doing so more-or-less independently. The rivalry heated up, battle-lines were drawn, and then...a cold war of sorts seemed to hit. A rumored box-office confrontation between Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War fizzled out when DC blinked first, and all of sudden, everything got pretty relaxed.

Cue: Jason Momoa.

The one time Game of Thrones star has always been known for his out-spoken approach to life, and at a recent convention, the actor may just have ignited the age-old comic-book company feud once more.

Asked by a fan, Liz Guadiana, to, in her words: "write down a reason why all these DC haters out there should join our DC universe" on a poster of him as Aquaman, Momoa's response was...pretty direct:

Yup. That's right.

"Fuck Marvel."

Now, in fairness, Momoa was almost certainly joking - his rumored rejection for the part of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy notwithstanding - but even so, the online reaction to the quote might just have re-ignited that historic comic-book conflict.

And, you'd have to imagine, Momoa'd find that pretty hilarious, too - and isn't all that worried about it...

Quoth Momoa:

"Had fun in Indiana. Remember everyone don't take shit so seriously. Love eat drink laugh Be merry. Aloha j."

Which may or may not be good advice.

What do you guys reckon, though? Was Momoa joking? Or is he deadly serious? And would you actually like to see more of an overt rivalry between Marvel and DC?

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