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Dominic Cooper can currently be seen on [Marvel's Agent Carter](series:1119765), in the role of Howard Stark. He's been a bright spot on the popular Marvel show, and has delivered throughout. He's been so impressive that he seems primed to take the leading role in the upcoming AMC show [Preacher](movie:1082910), based off the cult 1990s Garth Ennis-Steve Dillion comic.

AMC has been absolutely crushing it as of late, with shows like [The Walking Dead](series:201193), [Breaking Bad](series:200567), [Mad Men](series:200778), [Better Call Saul](series:1028213), and more. The network hopes to keep the train chugging along with Preacher, which looks promising.

The formula seems all there. AMC's Preacher adaptation will be directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg ( [This Is the End](movie:337053)). The script is by Breaking Bad's Sam Catlin, who will also be the showrunner. Cooper is heavily rumored to take the role as Reverend Jesse Custer. With all of those pieces in place, I think that they may have a hit on their hands without even having seen the finished product.

Here's Seth Rogen talking a bit about how they'll deviate from and expand upon some stuff from the comics. I will definitely check this out based on AMC (hot, hot, hot right now), Seth Rogen (hilarious), Dominic Cooper (great actor), and Custer (Breaking Bad's writing is on-point).

Source: IGN


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