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(Note, major Arrow SPOILERS are to be found below. Just...a whole, whole lot of them)

Now, for all the trouble they go to to keep them hidden from the public, superhero's secret identities very rarely actually seem to be all that well-hidden. Whether it's an intrepid journalist working it out from fairly straightforward clues, an over-abundance of sidekicks and confidantes, or dastardly villains seeking to harm the hero's loved ones, it seems as though the vast majority of superheroes actually wear a mask more for the look than its actual effectiveness as a disguise.

And now, it seems, TV's Arrow has a similar problem coming up its - and its eponymous protagonist's - way. From the sounds of the show's panel at the recent Paleyfest, two more major figures in the show are set to discover Oliver Queen's double life.

The characters in question?

Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) and Detective Lance (Paul Blackthorne).

"Wait, what now?"
"Wait, what now?"

Which makes a whole lot of sense considering their respective roles in the show - but also seems to spread the secret a little thinly, if you ask me.

Though, from the sounds of Paleyfest's other big reveal, that may not be too much of an issue. After all, Oliver is apparently about to be sorely tempted to accept Ra's al Ghul's offer to take over as leader of the League of Assassins. As Stephen Amell (Arrow himself) put it:

"It's an offer in name only. It's not really an offer...It's a demand. If Oliver says no, there will be incredibly dire consequences."

And, combined with the fact that Queen is increasingly feeling as though he's not making too much of a difference in Starling City:

"That makes being the idea of being the person who commands the League of Assassins in any way that he sees fit really appealing,"

The big question now? Will he take the job? We'll find out on Wednesday night...

What do you reckon, though? Will Oliver take over The League of Assassins? Who'll be the next character to work out his secret identity? And what else do you think we'll see this season?

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