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Kevin Smith is making a return to form—this time drawing inspiration from his earliest films. We already knew that [Clerks 3](movie:388513) was next on his plate, but Smith himself recently confirmed that Clerks isn't the only movie getting a revisit.

Not content to leave us with pretty overt proclamations, Smith called into a radio show Rock102 Mornings with Shmonty & Carolina to make this announcement especially clear:

Yeah, that's what we're working on. It's half a script right now, and we're pulling our loot together. We've got up until the beginning of 2016. By the time we get to May 2016, we’re going to be shooting.

The original Mallrats came out almost 20 years ago, and Smith openly admits that no one is clamoring for a sequel. However, between its cult following and Smith's undeterred passion for the sequel, this could be a really interesting release for our nostalgia-heavy generation.

I, for one, would love to see Shannen Doherty on screen again, so I'm fully behind this. And, what about Ben Affleck? Will the major movie star and director return to one of his earliest roles? Once the script is completed, hopefully we will learn casting news and more about the overall premise.

Will you tune in for Mallrats 2?


Is it a good idea to make a sequel after a 20 year delay?


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