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The emotions and action ran high in this week's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), "Spend." While one group of survivors ran into trouble on a supply run, resulting in the loss of Aidan and Noah, another group, the construction crew, were also facing grave danger when a herd of walkers suddenly set on their building zone. The group seemed to have rudimentary survival skills, but it was the heroic actions of one man that we were all focused on: Sgt. Abraham Ford.

Abraham's handling of the scene was so superb that we think it warrants a second glance, why not check out that awesome scene when he shows the Alexandrian's exactly how real survivors handle a situation when one of their own are at risk:

The scene started with Abraham surveying the construction zone

It was soon pretty clear that Abraham felt uneasy being outside the safety of the walls of Alexandria, after all, when you've been fighting for so long, to have a reprieve must be an enormous relief - why would you want to put yourself back in danger ever again?

With his gun nearby he began some deep breathing

At this stage I genuinely though Abraham might have a panic attack due to Post-traumatic stress disorder...Oh boy, I was wrong.

Suddenly the group jumps into action

Some walkers had come across an Alexandrian while on a bathroom break

A sneak walker attack would terrify the shit out of anyone!

The group started firing on the herd, including a crew member in the bucket of an excavator

When a bullet hit the side of the digger the bucket dropped her to the ground, right in the path of the walkers

The crew boss, Tobin, gives the order to back off, leaving the woman, Francine, alone without help

It seems like a pretty harsh call, though I guess for a group as inexperienced as the citizens of Alexandria, this is how they deal with walkers.

But without hesitation Abraham springs into action to help her

He then gets her away to safety

Before being surrounded by walkers, smiling to himself and uttering "motherdick"

In the space of about 30 seconds Abraham is completely transformed as he remembers exactly what it feels like to have the adrenalin coursing through his veins. One thing is for sure, Francine would have certainly died if it hadn't been for his quick thinking, which thankfully the crew boss, Tobin, realized later on when he suggested Abraham become the group leader.

After uttering his battle cry Abraham went full medieval on the herd

Source: Major_Frank_Burns
Source: Major_Frank_Burns

With the help of Francine shooting from the window and what looks to be a light stand-come-flail, Abraham makes short work of the walkers. Seriously the coolest weapon in a long while!

Watch part of the awesome scene again here:

What scene from episode 14, "Spend" was your favorite? Tell me below!

Source: Comicbook, Reddit


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