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It's pretty undeniable that last Sunday's episode of [The Walking Dead](series:201193), "Spend," was one of the best of the season, if not the whole series. We had betrayal, triumph, growth, action and tragedy all in the space of one hour, but for one character there was also a pretty awesome reunion, as Daryl roared out of the Alexandria compound on his newly built motorcycle.

For the first three and a half seasons Daryl Dixon and his brother's motorcycle were inseparable, until sadly he was forced to abandon it after the attacks on the prison in Season 4, episode 8. Thankfully, after befriending Aaron and Eric, Daryl was able to rebuild a whole new ride and once again put himself back on the hot seat. AMC has released a behind the scenes video with Norman Reedus and his new ride, check out the highlights:

Norman Reedus says his first and only question to Scott Gimple about Season 5 was "am I getting another motorcycle?"

Because the bike was being built from parts, executive producer Tom Luse decided they should have a bike that wasn't your standard stock bike

So Norman Reedus got the guys at Classified Moto to help out with his 'Frankenstein bike'

They were aiming for a bike that looked like it could get through anything, while also making it have that trademark Daryl Dixon look

It even includes a crossbow mount!

It was love at first rev

There were even two of them built...Something tells me Norman Reedus might take one home when filming ends

Watch the whole thing here:

What vehicle do you think is the best to have in a zombie apocalypse? Tell me below!

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