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It seems that Captain America is working his charms on a new lucky lady and much to my despair, he is reportedly "off the market."

Indeed, the news is shocking. If you're prepared to descend into a colossal pit of rage and sorrow just like me at any moment, before you do, read on to find out more about who it is that has smashed all of our hopes and dreams to shatters.

Sources claim that 33-year-old Chris Evans and Lily Collins are most definitely a thing, having met at a Vanity Fair Oscars party last month. Although there is not much news circulating out there at the moment, it has been confirmed that they are Hollywood's hottest new couple.

Lily is the daughter of rock legend Phil Collins and is also known for her roles in movies such as The Blind Side alongside Sandra Bullock, Mirror Mirror and most recently, Love, Rosie.

Both Evans and Collins have had a star-studded love history

No strangers to dating in the public eye and in the glare of the papparazzi, despite still being relatively young, both have fascinating relationship histories with other prominent faces in Hollywood.

Evans previously dated Jessica Biel from 2004 to 2006 and in October 2013, he split from Minka Kelly for the second time.

On the other end, Collins has dated actor Jamie Campbell Bower, Taylor Lautner and even had a brief romance with Zac Efron. She was last linked to actor Thomas Cocquerel in February of last year. Good on you girl, that's a very admirable collection of attractive men you have there!

Although we don't know much yet, I truly hope it works out!

These two have some of the most chiseled facial features in the business and with Chris's beautifully groomed beard and Lily's strong set of eyebrows, the aesthetics of this couple are mind-blowing as it is! Just throw in their exceptional talents, and just imagine the genes their children would have?


What do you think of this new celebrity couple?



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