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Christopher Nolan's multi-dimensional sci-fi romp, Interstellar, blew me away with its stunning visuals, spectacular special effects and breathtaking (literally, in some cases) action sequences! As is always the question stuck in my head when walking out of a Nolan film, I was left wondering: "How the hell did he do that?!"

Five months later, the acclaimed director is here to answer that question, unveiling a behind the scenes look at the galactic epic to coincide with the home release of of the movie, scheduled March 31.

In the meantime, MTV News was treated to an exclusive look at Nolan's pioneering creative process, which, funnily enough, was inspired less by the future and more by the past:

"I wanted to abandon the idea of futurism and we all just present things as they are now."
What I realized is a huge amount of the creative energy goes into the parlor game of trying to figure out what a pair of trousers is going to look like in the future… what a pair of glasses is going to look like in the future, and you’re never going to get it right.
I wanted to eliminate that thinking entirely from the design process, so that we could put our efforts elsewhere and hopefully, produce something that was actually a little more timeless.

Watch the full enlightening clip below:

Interstellar will be available on Digital HD March 17 and DVD and Blu-ray March 31.


Will you be buying Interstellar on DVD or Blu-ray?

[Source: MTV]


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