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When it comes to Hollywood's most lusted after men, Ryan Gosling rules supreme. As one of the greatest actors of his generation, he has built up one of the most unique and celebrated careers in the entertainment industry. That's not to mention one of the most extensive meme collections featuring his chiseled face.

Since his foray into the limelight as Noah in The Notebook to his role as dreamboat Jacob in Crazy, Stupid, Love, he has solidifies his position as one of the most epic romantics in the business and made every single other man on Earth look very, VERY bad.

However, last night, a phenomenal thing happened when the most charming on-screen actor lost out in the 'romantic' stakes.

Oh yes, Ryan Gosling just got Ryan Gosling-ed.

What happened?

During the North American Q&A portion of a convention that took place at the screening event for Lost River, Ryan's first movie as director, a woman took to the mic to indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Instead of addressing the actor and his cast members, Heather MacKay turned to her partner Susan and proposed to her, right in the middle of Ryan's directorial debut. With this she officially crowned herself the Queen of Romance.

Speaking of the moment later, MacKay said:

"To be very honest, the proposal was very spontaneous [...] I just had the ring in my pocket so that I would be prepared if the moment presented itself. I did not expect that moment to be at the premiere. [...] I felt the ring box shift in my pocket while I adjusted in my seat right after Ryan Gosling and his cast started answering questions from the audience. I contemplated doing it during the whole Q&A; I was unsure if it was appropriate or not.”
Gosling & Mendes
Gosling & Mendes

Apparently, it was Eva Mendes that allowed her to overstep her nerves and she admitted:

“After Eva Mendes made a comment about being a big fan of Ryan’s and everyone started laughing, I decided that I would raise my hand towards the end. I figured that if I was chosen to ask a question that it would be a sign and I should go for it.”

Thankfully, the proposal was a success and Ryan erupted into cheers with the rest of the audience in a standing ovation to the newly engaged couple.

The heart-felt moment was caught on video so you can watch it here, alongside Ryan's reaction:

Following the event, the two ladies admitted to being big fans of Gosling, in particular of his role in The Notebook. MacKay gushed:

"Susan and I joke that he is my man crush. [Gosling] is significant to us because of his movie, ‘The Notebook.’ It came out shortly after we started dating in 2004, and it became ‘our’ movie. We are not movie buffs, or celeb fans, but we think it's very interesting that a movie captured our lives so perfectly well.”

Ryan's directorial debut

Lost River follows the trials and tribulations of a mother, played by Mad Men's Christina Hendricks, who tries to survive the difficulties of single parenthood in a virtually abandoned city.

Alongside Hendricks, the fantasy neo-noir movie, which is also written and produced by Gosling, also stars Matt Smith, Saoirse Ronan and the actor's own wife, Eva Mendes.

Take a look at the trailer below:


Did you think this was one of the most romantic proposals ever?



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