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Many of you British Moviepiloters may enjoy listening to BBC Radio 4's "Desert Island Disks". For those who haven't had this pleasure, the show is where celebrities and great minds alike are given the challenge of choosing their favourite CDs to have by their side in the unfortunate event of being trapped on a Cast Away style desert island.

Being the film-head that I am, I thought "CDs are great...but what if I could have some DVDs/BluRays to wile away the lonesome hours trapped on this god forsaken island!?"

The Rules!

The rules are simple - Pick the top FIVE films (no box-sets allowed) you're willing to watch over and over...until you get saved...or...well...die... and ONE luxury item to ease the pain of only having your thoughts for company (cannot be a life raft or any means of escape...or a netflix account).

Here we go...

1.The Departed

Don't worry Leo my coconut Oscars loved you!
Don't worry Leo my coconut Oscars loved you!

Possibly one of the best western cop films ever made (even though it's a remake) and it has one of the best casts ever. I would also hold my own Oscar awards on the island for Leo's performance, with an audience made up entirely of hand crafted coconut people.

2. Home Alone

Yaaay I'm living alone...on an empty island..*weep*
Yaaay I'm living alone...on an empty island..*weep*

Ok so this one has the potential to drive a man stuck on a desert island to suicide. It's a film about a kid who lives alone for a few days, has a great time, awesome adventures with thrills and spills are had but ultimately realises that family is what is most important to him. What the heck is that going to do to the emotions of a depressed cast away?! Luckily as a kid I've thoroughly road tested it's playability and after watching it everyday after school for about 2 months solid, I still never tire of watching it! (Added bonus, I get to celebrate christmas with this bad boy!)

3. Shaun of the Dead

The best Zombie survival documentary...
The best Zombie survival documentary...

Ok so I tried to cover all genres on this list and this is the closest I'm going to get to horror. I'm a scaredy cat ok!?! It also happens to be one of the funniest films ever in my opinion and it has great depth and heart to it. It'll also help me prepare for any zombie monkey attacks there might be on the island.

4. Downfall

You'll never find the Island Zombie Hitler!
You'll never find the Island Zombie Hitler! of you will be thinking "woah, great film but that's a bit depressing don't you think Mike?!" - hear me out! If by any chance there is some other lost soul on the island who, I dunno, happens to look a bit like Olivia Wilde and we ultimately need to populate the island to save the human race after the zombie monkey invasion... then this film will serve as an important document on how NOT to run a country. Also, we could teach our beautiful new children how to speak German!

5. The Dark Knight

Thanks Heath, helpful words for a man on an island.
Thanks Heath, helpful words for a man on an island.

Ok, so this is almost a no-brainer. I just had to have something Batman related on here, so I thought I'd have the most celebrated Batman movie of all time on the list. Also it's a quite a long film (153 minutes) so it would be great way to fill up time!

Luxury Item: Whiskey!


I am Scottish after all, so what better way to enjoy the sunset and reminisce on times gone by than with a nice coconut shell of single malt Laphroaig?! Also good for wounds!

Tell us what are your [](tag:2787166) choices would be in your own article!


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