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Ice Age, the first in the four film franchise, was released thirteen years ago on March 15, 2002. If this animated movie was a person, not only only would it old enough to be growing from pre-teen to full blown teenage angst, but it's also forcing me to realize that I'm far from the spring chicken I was when I watched this movie in theaters at age 10.

Yes, this movie has officially been out for longer than I was alive when it first came out. I know that relatively speaking, I'm still young, but that doesn't change this sinking feeling that time is passing pretty quickly. At first it feels like yesterday that I was watching the first Ice Age, but then I really think about it and realized just how much time has passed.

In case you don't remember what the world looked like when Ice Age first hit screens 13 long years ago, I'm here to play the Ghost of Late 90s & Early 2000s Past and remind you.

Anne Hathaway had the best movie makeover in The Princess Diaries

Or at least since Sandra Bullock Miss Congeniality which came out the year before in 2000.

A young Dane Cook had a blossoming career

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

Before anyone realized that Beyoncé was Destiny's only child

And we definitely weren't ready for her jelly.

You’d document any and all social activities with a disposable camera

Then you learned that if you charged the flash and hit it with the palm of your hand you could make it go off without wasting a picture! *FLASH*

You wanted to go be a guest at Aaron’s Party

How else would I get to ask him how he beat Shaq?

You had an electronic butler named Jeeves

R.I.P. Jeeves.

Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks costarred in Life-Size

~*~Shine bright, shine far, be a star!~*~

The threat of Anthrax was very real

Also known as my family’s 3 year hiatus from Pixie Stix.

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were madly in love

If those two can’t make it work, is there any hope for the rest of us?!

You wanted to know who the weakest link was it me?

iPods looked pretty different

Wow! 5 whole GB? All for me?!

You were still quoting Zoolander and Super Troopers

Who am I kidding? I’m still quoting those movies.

Dressing up and waiting for hours for the new Harry Potter book was the norm

Even if it was midnight on a school night, it was still totally cool. Also, there were still a lot of bookstores.

You were still begging your parents for a Smart House

It’s been 15 years! Where are all the smart houses? C'mon, science.

Clippy the Paperclip was always butting into your business

Get out of here, Clippy!

Man, I feel old.

Most of all, back when the first Ice Age came out, I was just a kid. Life was probably a lot easier, but what I remember most was hating my braces, constantly feeling awkward, and trying to get over my first unrequited love (of the many that would follow it).

Would I go back and do it again? Not for all the money in the world. Sayonara, 2002! I'm glad we're over.


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