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The Season 4 cliffhanger may have left [Suits](series:722536) fans of Harvey and Donna (or as I like to say, Harvonna) heartbroken.

After enjoying flashbacks of their telling first moments - with so many sparks flying it could have been NYE - it was great to have some movement on the Donna and Harvey front.

Donna's decision to leave Harvey for Louis (if only professionally, not romantically) could seem like the final nail in the coffin for this perfect pair, but I like to think that there is hope. And this is why....

Harvey's great, but'd be twice as good with Donna!
Harvey's great, but'd be twice as good with Donna!


Harvey needs to learn just how much he needs Donna. OK, he did finally tell her how he felt in Season 4 (pity-based or otherwise, it was still beautiful), but maybe once she is a few more feet away from him, he will realize just how much of a dynamic duo they are! This may be more apparent on the professional side of things, but I have a sneaking suspicion it might also elicit some more professions of romantic feelings towards her.

Louis will bury Donna in love and thoughtfulness. I'm thinking we will get to enjoy some more theatrical flourishes and recitals, and Louis will be a much better boss for the wonderful Donna. Hopefully, seeing this will make Harvey realize what he gave up and how much Donna is really worth to him. Plus, it will remind her what she is worth and will make her stronger in the face of Harvey's confusing back-pedaling.

Harvey seems to be properly over Scottie. In the beginning of Season 4, I had my doubts, and wondered if they may get back 'on' again. But after seeing the two together in their recent meeting in the bar, it is clear that the spark is gone. Harvey is now free to move on with Donna, if only he was clever enough to make a proper move!

Donna is pretty amazing.
Donna is pretty amazing.


Donna is going to flourish and star in Season 5. Not only will she probably upstage the bride at Mike and Rachel's wedding (I mean, how could she not?!), but she is finally going to have the break from Harvey that she needs.

It was telling that Donna stood up to Harvey about his confusing "I love you" comment. They have been going back and forth since they first met, with each of them taking it in turns to develop their 'romantic' relationship, and it was time for Donna to take a stand. After all that she had been through in Season 4, she deserved a proper answer from Harvey about his true feelings for her, and when he failed to provide it, I was proud of her when she decided to put an end to the games.

The perfect couple, except for Harvonna
The perfect couple, except for Harvonna


The excitement of Mike and Rachel's wedding will undoubtedly have an effect on the status of Donna and Harvey's relationship. Seeing those two lovebirds preparing to tie the knot will surely even tug at the heartstrings of Harvey Specter.

These two need to play Louis and Harvey against each other! That would be the best way for Harvey to realize his hidden feelings for Donna and will make for some fun scenes featuring everyone's favorite goofball, Louis, fighting for the right to keep Donna as his new secretary.

Harvonna is on the cards, I can feel it. Sure, it will probably take until the end of the next season before they finally become the ultimate power couple, take over New York, and maybe even the world, but I know I for one can't wait to see it happen!


Do you think Harvey and Donna will get together in Suits Season 5?


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