ByKareem Aladdin Bayraktar, writer at

If you watched Disney's original movie "sleeping beauty" you would see a very beautiful story that shows how good beats evil at the end and everyone lived happily ever after, which is suitable for kids, but in the new vision of the story "maleficent" you will see a dark twisted story that could make any child disturbed, from the beginning you will see how "stefan" betrayed his love " maleficent" and cut her wings to be the king , so she became a very evil character seeking only revenge then you can see the king became an evil guy just for trying to protect his daughter!!! and the worst thing in the movie that in the end "aurora" will help "maleficent" to defeat her father the king then "maleficent" will kill him and "aurora" will not even care that she helped in the killing of her father!!! i think it is a very bad message to the children that you can let your father die and doesn't even care because he did some bad things in the past, i think the movie "maleficent" was written like that on purpose to give this message to the children.


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