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It'll be an interesting time when the DC movie universe gets into New Gods territory. Much like how Marvel is just now slowly diving into the mythological background of the Inhumans, the Krees and the Terrigen Mist, there is only so much world expanding Warner Bros and DC can do in their movies before they reach Darkseid and the New Gods.

A New God Kind of Plan

There are many ways that DC could go about this, but with Darkseid being the best candidate for posing a formidable threat to the Justice League in their movie launch, there's a good chance that we could see Darkseid getting a debut of some kind in Gal Gadot's [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) movie.

DC Comics The New Gods
DC Comics The New Gods

The New Gods reside primarily on two worlds, New Genesis and Darkseid's own Apokolips. The denizens of these worlds are all super powered individuals who call themselves gods and from time to time the folks on Apokolips, especially Darkseid, like to cause all sorts of trouble to the folks on Earth.

An Olympian Threat

There are some interesting connections between Wonder Woman's hometown of Themyscira and Darkseid's fascination with Gods of all kinds. Darkseid's most recent backstory has him creating Apokolips by stealing and using the power of gods that he killed. He's always had this desire to destroy and absorb the power of any god that he thinks is a threat.

Does Darkseid have plans for Themyscira?
Does Darkseid have plans for Themyscira?

This extends to the Olympian gods that serve as the backbone to the story of Wonder Woman and Themyscira. There was a time that Darkseid feared these Olympian gods and invaded Themyscira in order to overthrow them.

The Birth of New Gods

But the more recent New 52 multiverse puts even more emphasis on the ties the old Olympian gods have to the New Gods by saying that the fall of Olympian Gods is what directly lead to the creation of the New Gods. DC could be putting together some movie universe plans to make Darkseid one of the crucial players in the history of Wonder Woman's world - perhaps even having a hand in the demise of the gods who created Themyscira.

You've got something in you eye, Darkseid.
You've got something in you eye, Darkseid.

We know that Wonder Woman's origin story in the Gal Gadot starring movie will have her New 52 roots as the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta - it's possible that this change in her origins could result in the Wonder Woman movie being the perfect place to give some backstory to, if not outright introduce, the character of Darkseid.

The Perfect Opportunity

It's true that as a two part movie, Justice League has plenty of time and space to introduce any DC character they feel like. For example, it's looking more and more like [Justice League Part One](movie:401267) will be where DC will unveil whoever the Green Lantern on this team will be.

Darkseid is always cruising for a bruising.
Darkseid is always cruising for a bruising.

But I'm hoping the [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) movie will serve more of a purpose in the grand Batman vs Superman and Justice League story than just acting as an origin story vehicle for the Wonder Woman character. All these new DC movies will hopefully be moving forward and expanding the universe, not backtracking and flashing back to tell origin tales. Introducing Darkseid is a perfect way for Wonder Woman to keep relevant to the bigger connected DC universe being built.


What other New God would you like to see appear in a DC movie?


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