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In the wake of the recent Alternate Ending contest here on moviepilot, I decided to write something I've been thinking about for a while. An ending to one of my favorite shows in the world, [The Big Bang Theory](series:200751). I know it gets a lot of hate but I really enjoy it and although I know they're probably working on a great ending to this show in two or three years, I want to give my idea of how I'd end it. Also, to be honest as much as I love the show I'm really curious about how it's going to end up going. I've been patient enough with Leonard and Penny will they won't they. Before anyone says it as I've seen many a time with this site this isn't a click bait article I clearly said in the title how ("I'd") do it.

Final Season of the Big Bang Theory:

For the final season I have in mind there will be a lot of jumping around time wise it won't just be a week by week thing like how it feels on the show. I'm also only going to write about the main story of the episode and not the side stories.

Episode 1: Leonard is terrified when he sees a pregnancy test in Penny's bathroom, Penny has food poisoning and is constantly throwing up and Leonard starts to get really scared that maybe he isn't ready to be a father. Meanwhile, Howard learns that Bernadette is pregnant. Bernadette makes him promise that they'll tell everyone together but Howard lets it slip to Raj. Raj being the blabbermouth that he is has already told everyone before he even leaves Howard's building. Leonard goes to a bar where he meets Patrick Stewart who tells him a really crazy story about when he first learned he'd be a father. Everyone meets up and Leonard comes in completely drunk and promises to be a great dad and stay by Penny's side til death do they part drunkenly humming here comes the bride. Sheldon says "Penny's pregnant? I thought Bernadette was pregnant". Fingers point back to Raj who blames it on Penny the first person to learn of Bernadette's pregnancy.

Episode 2: Howard is missing most of the day and Bernadette starts to get suspicious of what he is doing all the time. She and the gang follow him and he goes to a coffee shop where he meets up with a very pretty woman. She starts to think he might be cheating on her but Howard reveals that he has been taking classes to get his Doctorate and they're allowing him to tutor the young woman in order to get extra credits towards his degree.

Episode 3: Raj is concerned about Emily and Penny still not liking being around each other and if Emily is to be the one, he wants for her to fit in with his friends. Raj begs Penny to go hang out with Emily alone for a while and try to get along and become friends. Penny agrees but while out, everything goes horribly wrong. Still, they both find some way to make the best of it. Though at the end of the night they still don't really have much in common or will never be best friends they do grow to respect each other and have a certain cordiality.

Episode 4: Raj realizes that he never gets to meet up with any of Emily's friends. He starts to get concerned that maybe Emily is ashamed of him. He and Emily talk about it and she reveals that beyond her roommate she doesn't have many female friends and all her other friends are male. Raj starts to get jealous but agrees to hang out with her and her friends. When Raj arrives he finds out that all of Emily's friends are gay male couples.

Episode 5: Leonard and Penny decide to sit down and focus on finding a date and location for their wedding. They locked themselves in Penny's room with their laptops to try to ignore all distractions. This doesn't go as planned as they continually get distracted by some of the most menial things. Sheldon comes through by having Howard construct a giant spin wheel and on it Sheldon posts months and dates and spin the wheel while Leonard and Penny each throw a dart at it. They land on a date but have to keep doing it over and over again because their choices keep landing on dates of superhero movie releases.

Episode 6: Sheldon comes to the realization that if Leonard moves out there will be an empty room. He goes through a number of possibilities for how he should replace Leonard as his roommate. He takes out an ad in the paper for an open room. He starts interviewing random people who usually get upset and walk out either because of something Sheldon said or upon learning that the room isn't open yet and won't be open until Leonard and Penny marry. He decides to do a test run with his friends Stuart and Raj but he realizes he doesn't want to live with either of them.

Episode 7: Still concerned about his roommate situation Sheldon talks to Penny about it, Penny suggests that he already has the perfect person to be his roommate, Amy Farrah Fowler. Sheldon is terrified of the thought that one day they'll eventually have to live together, he decides it's time for them to try spending the night together. Amy gets the wrong idea and starts to set the mood for a romantic evening. Sheldon talks to her about it and Amy leaves embarrassed. Sheldon goes to her apartment to talk to her and she starts to wonder if it'll ever happen between them. Sheldon makes a compromise and the two spend the night together Sheldon over the covers, Amy under the covers both fully clothed.

Episode 8: Bernadette's office gets quarantined while she is on her way to work. Howard realizes how dangerous her line of work is and worries about Bernadette's safety and the safety of their baby. He requests she quit her job and find somewhere new to work.

Episode 9: While walking home from a date Penny gets hit on right in front of Leonard. Despite Penny telling the guy she's with Leonard he still persists. Leonard starts to get cold feet about his impending wedding and refuses to see Penny. Can he really deal with living the rest of his life with a beautiful and now successful woman like Penny, constantly having to deal with the looks she gets and feeling inferior? He gets a huge boost from an unlikely source in Leslie Winkle who comes to try to seduce him. She tells him how he is a genius, who deserves more respect in his field and he deserves better than a made up barbie doll like Penny. He remembers that multiple women have liked him in the past and he does deserve Penny. Penny however, overhears them talking while attempting to go over and cheer up Leonard.

Episode 10: Leonard is even more resolute in his desire to marry Penny knowing that he is good enough but this time Penny starts to get cold feet. Can she really live the rest of her life not being as smart as the rest of the group? Does she really deserve someone as nice and sweet as Leonard while she herself doesn't treat him as well as she could? She talks to Sheldon about it, Sheldon reveals that Leslie only said that stuff because Sheldon asked her to in order to boost Leonard up; but Penny still feels the same way because she was right. Sheldon tells her that the easiest way to do it is to just treat him better and she won't have to feel bad. She talks to Leonard and Leonard says that he is completely in love with her and she says the same and that she wants to be a better girlfriend so she can make a great wife.

Episode 11: Howard is graduating and getting his doctorate. He invites everyone to his graduation ceremony but they all reveal that they've already agreed to go to Penny's graduation (because she was taking classes even if we haven't heard anything about it) that is on the same day. They explain that Howard is on his third degree while Penny is just now getting her first. Howard is angry at Penny for stealing his friends away even though they were friends long before Penny came into the picture, Penny reminds Howard that she helped him get with Bernadette. They're both angry at each other but then Sheldon simply asks why don't they go to both? He explains that Howard's last name is Wolowitz which would come way later in the ceremony and Penny's graduation is probably short since it's just community college. They go to both and on stage we finally hear Penny's last name as she is called up to get her diploma in whatever major she chose. TO BE CONTINUED

Episode 12: The rest of the group go to meet Bernadette at Howard's graduation but when they get there neither Bernadette or Howard are there. They realize that their phones are off and when they turn it on they're blasted with messages from Howard that Bernadette's water broke and that they're on their way to the hospital, however he hasn't told them which hospital they were going to and there are eight different hospitals. They're completely lost trying to figure out where they are. They go to all 8 and they're at none of them. Finally they watch the news that a woman had a baby on the side of the highway after their car broke down and the ambulance took too long to come. The group came together to meet Howard and Bernadette's new baby girl that they name after Howard's mother Debbie.

Alternate Episode 12: The group are sitting at Howard's graduation when Bernadette's water breaks. They rush her out of the graduation hall but can't get Howard's attention, from the stage however he hears Bernie's deep ma sounding voice saying "No, I want my husband to be there to see the birth of his child" and he slips out. They're waiting anxiously when Howard tells them it's ok to come in. Bernadette is holding her new daughter Debra Ann Wolowitz.

Episode 13: Time is slowly winding down to the wedding. Leonard and Penny are working together on the place cards for their wedding. She runs to the bathroom and throws up. She puts it off as stress from the wedding. Sheldon talks to Leonard about him finally choosing a best man. Leonard apologizes but tells Sheldon he'll be picking Howard for his best man. Sheldon is hurt but drowns it under snark like usual. Penny gladly says that Amy is her maid of honor and Bernadette is her matron of honor so she doesn't have to choose. Sheldon decides to get back at Leonard he'd steal the attention away from him and he proposes to Amy. Amy refuses and breaks up with Sheldon. TO BE CONTINUED

^Mid Season Finale

because a break here is just criminal
because a break here is just criminal

Episode 14: Sheldon refuses to leave his room distraught that he just lost the love of his life. Amy also won't leave her room. The group talks to both of them but they refuse to see each other. Penny and Bernadette kidnap Amy carrying her into the apartment remarking about getting weird looks from a police officer on the way. Sheldon and Amy angrily sit next to each other and won't speak. Sheldon cracks and apologizes for not taking Amy's feelings into consideration but promises her that he wouldn't ask something like that if he wasn't completely sure she was the girl he wanted to marry. Amy warms up and asks him to ask her again. He does and she happily accepts. Leonard makes a joke about how it only took two proposals to get Amy to say yes.

Episode 15: The group decides to have a double wedding but Amy and Penny keep clashing on the theme for their double wedding, Amy wanting it more extravagant and girly like she dreamed of but Penny wants something more mellow and down to earth. They leave Leonard and Sheldon to send out the rsvps and Sheldon makes crazy demands for who he wants to send invites to. He send out rsvps to James Earl Jones whom he met, Mark Hamill. Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Ian Mckellin and George Lucas while of course sending to Will Wheaton and Levar Burton. Levar Burton gets a phone call from Patrick Stewart asking who in the world is Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hofstader and why am I invited to their wedding? How do they know my personal email address? Patrick says he loves a good gay wedding (because they forgot to put the girls on the invites) and agrees to go. Sheldon sees it and passes out.

Episode 16 & 17: Beverly Hofstader insists the brides, grooms and their parents all go on an all expense paid retreat in order to prepare to be a family. They sign forms to get into the retreat but the forms they sign turn out to be release forms for them to participate in an experiment for family bonding through teamwork and exercise; the families of the bride have to work with the groom and vice versa. They agree because the money they'll get for participating is enough to fund the wedding and their respective honeymoons. Penny works together well with Beverly but not so much with Leonard's father who feels Penny is beneath his son. Beverly is also having trouble with her now ex husband. Penny turns down a drink and Beverly is shocked after the many stories she's heard from Sheldon. Penny's parents love Leonard but her dad is less than impressed by his physical limitations wanting to use this time to strengthen Leonard up. Amy's parents don't like Sheldon very much and Mary Cooper is very dismissive of Amy. Amy learns that Mary is having trouble letting go of her little boy but she likes Amy and believes she's the right one for him. Amy's parents still don't like Sheldon at the end but can see Amy loves him and she is too old for them to tell her what to do. Penny earns the respect of Leonard's dad by showing how devoted she is to him when she stands up to her dad who was pushing Leonard too hard. Penny reveals to Leonard that she is pregnant and he passes out, whether it's from exhaustion or the pregnancy is unknown.

Back at home, Raj's parents come to town after getting an invitation to a wedding that they assume is Raj's; one of their servants read the invitation and by the time the news got to them it was all out of whack. Emily meets Raj's parents and while Raj's dad is more attracted to her than he should be after his divorce, his mother instantly dislikes her. When around his mother Raj reverts back to a child and his accent comes in even more heavily than usual. After Emily tells them she doesn't want to get married Raj's mother stops antagonizing her because she no longer feels she's only getting close to Raj for his inheritance. Raj's mother and father later get caught making love in his bed.

Episode 18: Before the rest of the gang return from their retreat Howard and Bernadette despite first hating the idea decide to move into Debbie's house so that DW(Arthur reference yay PBS) will have her own room. Howard is sitting with Bernadette and Raj looking over the pictures from his graduation with Bernadette. Bernadette reveals a story about a guy who spoke to her before the graduation, a really nice guy, but she never learned his name, only his number. She pulls out the picture she took with him, Howard only says No as he jumps up and runs up to the attic. Bernadette is confused but asks Raj to go after him because she has to take care of DW. Raj finds him sitting in the attic looking through photo albums. Howard reveals that the man in the picture was his father Sam Wolowitz. Raj calls the number and agrees to set up a meet between the two. They meet but Howard is less than impressed by the excuses Sam gives. They part ways and Howard says that he is content to be able to finally put it behind him and stop wondering if he wasn't good enough to make his dad stay.

Episode 19 The Bachelor Quotient: The bachelor party is here. In Hangover style things go a little too far and they have to back track to see what exactly happened. Raj finds that he is the only bachelor left among the group as everyone else is getting married so he decides to talk with Emily about where she sees their relationship going but when he gets an answer that doesn't sit well with him he gets drunk to try to forget his worries and ends up spiking Sheldon's drink which causes the whole bachelor party to go horribly wrong. The bachelorette party is revealed and the girls, besides Penny who since pregnant got volunteered as the designated driver, got a little too drunk too but they find out that Amy and Emily accidentally got married while using the impending weddings to get free stuff. Now they have to hurry to get it annulled. Raj makes a comment that Emily will marry Amy but doesn't want to one day marry him.

Name Reference (edit): the bachelor party and a quotient is the number left after dividing as Raj is left after diving three girls into four guys.

Episode 20 The Matrimony Multiplication: The day is finally here. Both couples are ready to get married. Or not. Sheldon is gone and nobody can seem to find him. Mary knows his hiding spot and together with Penny sings soft kitty to calm Sheldon down. Sheldon worries that everything is changing and he's afraid that maybe it's too much. They talk him through it and he goes ahead with the wedding apologizing to Amy for running out on her and promises that he won't ever run again, and not just because it's physically exhausting. Leslie returns and hooks up with Stuart after the wedding finding his complete lack of self respect and his bleak outlook incredibly attractive. Emily tells Raj about her views on marriage and how she just wants to know they're together because they want to be not because it's too complicated to break up, Raj agrees that he is ok with that arrangement. After the wedding Sheldon and Amy barely make it to their hotel room making out passionately they get the door open and shuts it behind them Amy can be heard through the door shout "Finally!"

Episode 21 The Moving Triangulation: It's finally time for the big move as everyone's schedules allow for them to help out. Amy and Sheldon are moving into Penny's apartment giving Leonard and Penny the 2 bedroom since they'll be having their baby soon. Bernadette and Howard are finally moving into Debbie's house and Stuart is moving out to live with Leslie. The guys waste time trying to figure out a way to schedule the most optimal way to get the job done and whose house to start at. The girls and Stuart decide to just move everything on their own. Leonard and Sheldon then start to argue about who gets to keep the couch. Penny doesn't actually lift anything being the driver since she's already almost 9 months pregnant at this time. She starts to feel bad that she isn't helping and picks up a picture frame when her water breaks. She's rushed to the hospital as the guys forget about the couch to hurry to the hospital. She has a beautiful baby girl who they name Shelly Uhura Hofstader after the nicname Mary calls Sheldon. Also sometime in the episode I want Leonard and Penny to talk about where the huge painting of Amy and Penny is supposed to go in their apartment.

Episode 22: Penny finds that Shelly hates her. Shelly cries every time Penny holds her but giggles and laughs just from being around Leonard. Penny distresses that she might not be cut out for motherhood. She soon learns that it's not just her, Shelly hates everyone except Leonard and DW who is now a year old. She calls her mother in law Beverly who tells her that Leonard was the exact same way as a baby but grew out of it after his first birthday. However, when Leonard is called away for an emergency at his office with his temporary replacement, Penny is left alone with Shelly who cries the whole time. Penny begins to cry too but she then starts to sing soft kitty and Shelly stops crying.

Episode 23 The Elevator Rectification: Leonard struggles with getting the folded stroller up the steps while Penny holds Shelly. He comments on hoping she starts walking soon so they won't need it anymore. Howard comes over and tells Leonard that he has been trying to figure out a way to fix the elevator ever since he found out that Penny was pregnant but couldn't figure it out but he has the answer now. Penny asks if he's qualified to fix an elevator, he comments on being an engineer that helped make the Mars rover and Sheldon says the elevator will probably move just as slowly if he fixes it. Howard works tirelessly to fix the elevator and finally gets it to work. While he Leonard and Sheldon decide to try it out to see how safe it is the elevator gets stuck.

Episode 24: Amy Farrah Fowler's 15 year anniversary has arrived. She is excited to have a great good looking husband to take with her to rub in the faces of all the people who treated her poorly in school. However, it falls on the same day as the San Diego Comic Con and Sheldon says he can't go. Amy goes to the reunion alone sitting at a table in the far back drinking. Some of the people from her high school pretend to give her fake sympathy asking if she's here alone. Sheldon says "no she's not" and Amy turns to find him and all of her friends there to support her. Amy hugs Sheldon who whisper in her ear "Bazinga". At the end of the night she wins an award for the most successful. Howard and Bernadette are concerned because DW is a few months away from two and she still won't say anything more than mommy and daddy. They try really hard to help her to talk even singing silly songs but she won't say anything. They give up and decide to do some research to get her some language help and while they're out of the room she starts talking to her dolls. Howard and Bernadette celebrate that she's not a late bloomer she's just shy.

Episode 25 one hour episode: Time Jump it's Shelly's third birthday. Penny keeps getting calls on her cell phone but she turns it off. Leonard asks who it is and Penny tells him it's a director. Leonard asks why she isn't taking a director's call and she says she has put her acting past behind her it's nothing but sadness and failure, she's happy being a mother and a successful pharmaceutical rep now. Leonard picks up her phone and answers it. It's a director offering her a part in a tv show from an old audition tape that they had of her on reserve from a previous movie audition. He really liked her but she wasn't right for that part but he has a part she'd be perfect for. Howard offers Penny some wine but she turns it down. Bernadette comments on how she hasn't really drank much since she first learned she was pregnant. Penny comments on how she's finally happy now. She thinks she might have just been drinking to put up with all the problems in her life but now she finally feels content. Leonard hearing this wonders if going back to acting is a good idea or will it just lead to her backtracking. After seeing Penny performing a small play for Shelly's party he starts to think back on the times he saw her working, flashing back on her A Streetcar Named Desire performance and realizes that she is meant to be in the spotlight. He calls the director back and pretends to be her agent saying she wants the part. He tells Penny and she gets angry at him for going behind her back. She then reveals that she is scared, she hasn't acted in anything in years, what if she can't do it anymore. She thought she was ok with putting that life behind her, but she misses it sometimes. Leonard tells her that he'll be behind her every step of the way. Penny goes to the audition and kills it, however, the happy news ends there when she finds out that they'll be shooting the tv show in New York.

my OTP. #relationshipgoals
#relationshipgoals" title="my OTP. ">
my OTP.


Episode 26 The Big Break Theory one hour episode: Leonard contacts New York Institute of Technology and manages to land an excellent teaching job with a significant pay bump. Everything seems to be working in Leonard's favor this time. They prepare to move out. All that's left in the apartment are the chairs and tables and a few boxes, everyone gathering together for one last meal while the kids sit at the their kid's table. The group talks and it shows flashbacks of how they got there and how everything evolved. Even Leslie and Stuart show up to help the two having eloped recently, Raj complaining out loud but Emily reassuring him they don't need a paper they're in it for the long haul. They all hug and then they leave out leaving only Leonard, Penny and Sheldon. Sheldon reflects on how he didn't like Penny very much but she grew on him Penny says "like a fungus" and Sheldon says no like a friend. Penny hugs them both one more time and kisses Leonard before heading out. Leonard and Sheldon grab the last two boxes and walk out.

Sheldon - "Leonard, I just want to say, thank you for staying my friend all these years and thank you for helping me out. I'm sure I would have won a Nobel prize sooner if you hadn't moved in but I don't think I would have been nearly as happy"

Leonard - "thank you Sheldon, for just being you. You made my life a living hell but you've made me a better person and prepared me to be a father."

Sheldon - "I'll make sure to send you a ticket for San Diego Comic Con."

Leonard - "I'll send you one for New York Comic Con"

The elevator doors open and they walk in.

Sheldon - "hey Leonard?"

Leonard - "Yeah?"

Sheldon - "I've always wondered, we are two scientists, with high paying jobs. Even with taxes, our hobbies, and our affinity for take out we still took home quite a lot. How did a failed Nebraska actor working at Cheesecake factory afford an apartment across from us?"

Leonard stands and thinks for a second.

Leonard - "hunh. Weird. I guess I never really thought about that"

The elevator doors close. The names come up as the ending theme comes on.

Fan Casting

  • Penny's Mom: Rosanne Barr
  • Sam Wolowitz: Steve Buscemi
  • Amy's dad: Ted Wass (her dad on Blossom)
  • Amy's cousin (reception cameo): Joey Lawrence (of course)
  • Leonard's Dad: Dan Akroyd or John Goodman
  • Leonard's sister (reception cameo): Sarah Chalke and Lecy Goranson

Well that took FOREVER to write. Mainly because I only really had the last episode in my head so I really just sat and thought through all the other episodes. Whew. Exhausting. Let me know what you guys think though. How do you want Big Bang Theory to end? If you ever want it to end. I know it won't end like this which is partially why I'm completely fine with writing it. Also, I know that Penny had a one bedroom which costs less, didn't have internet because she was using Shelnard's internet, probably didn't have cable for a while since she only used her tv in like two episodes and was constantly having trouble with her bills as she said to have sent a gift card and a picture of her in a bra to the power company. Then, to have the best technology, the constant comics, figures, games and take out the rent can't be that high. I included that question of how she afforded the apartment because that is a common argument against the show and I didn't answer it because TBBT doesn't answer to anyone.


What'd you think of my ending?


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