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You might remember about a month ago, when I wrote a review for Arrowstorm Entertainment's Mythica: A Quest for Heroes, the Kickstarted fantasy film series, and hoped it would get picked up for distribution as a film trilogy or series somewhere.

Well, strap on your swords and get your destruction magic spells ready, because I have some very cool news for you, fantasy fans: The cast and crew are pleased to announce it's been officially - yes, signed on the dotted line and everything - picked up by CONtv and will premiere exclusively on the brand-spankin'-new, on-demand streaming channel dedicated to all things Comic Con, fandoms, and geek culture, a partnership between Cinedigm and Wizard World.

It was a perfect fit for the film and its audience, said Arrowstorm exec Kynan Griffin:

Mythica captures the thrill of the role-playing game experience: forming an underdog team of disparate heroes to win fortune and glory. It was made by true fans, for true fans. Fan support from the Kickstarter campaign is a crucial driving force in the creation and success of the Mythica franchise.

If you're not familiar with what Mythica is all about, it's essentially the ultimate movie for fantasy fans, gamers with a penchant for RPGs, tabletop, and LARPing, and anyone who loves epic tales or wants to see strong, complex female characters in the lead. Let my review break it down for you:

The story starts when Marek (Melanie Stone) a crippled but plucky slave girl who has secretly been learning magic from her trainer and only friend, the nomadic Gojun Pye (Kevin Sorbo). She dreams of adventure, and when she finally escapes her brutish master one night, she sets off to find it. Heading to an inn renowned for being a gathering place for adventurers, she offers her aid to priestess Teela (Nicola Posener), whose sister - and stone of power - have been kidnapped by orcs.
For their rescue mission, Marek recruits Thane (Adam Johnson) a world-weary soldier with a good heart, searching for a dignified existence, and Dagen (Jake Stormoen), a roguish thief who enjoys nothing more than gold - except maybe using that gold to bed beautiful women.

I won't spoil the story for you, but suffice it to say, the characters, much like Mythica itself, are underdogs who never give up - no matter the odds, which are stacked heavily against them.

Star Jake Stormoen shared with me what the crazy journey's been like, on both a personal and professional level:

When I auditioned for Mythica...I literally wrote the producers somewhere during my month and a half audition process and said "Look. I don't ever do this, but you need to cast me as this character. I know this guy. I played this guy during every D&D campaign and MMO while growing up. I fence, I shoot archery, I rock climb…I can do this, and I can do it well."
I say that to say this: Mythica is something I've believed in strongly from day one. And the amount of joy that it brings me knowing that it'll be shared with the very audience it was created for is something I would have only dreamed of when we began shooting in October of 2013. Mythica became my family, and I truly think it'll have a similar effect on those who are willing to give it a chance. The viewers that ConTV will attract are the very audiences who will love it for what it is: a colorful high fantasy story that had severe financial limitations put in place before cameras began rolling, and overcame all those limitations better than anyone could have hoped or expected.

CONtv already has some great content lined up, including Bruce Campbell's Last Fan Standing, a trivia game show; Fight of the Living Dead, a YouTubers vs zombies spoof reality competition; and My Morphing Life, an action series that follows Green Power Ranger Jason David Frank. And each month, CONtv will be rolling out even more content catering exclusively to geek fandom.

Mythica: A Quest for Heroes will debut on March 31st only on CONtv, with the second (Mythica: The Darkspore) and third (Mythica: The Necromancer) films debuting later this year.


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