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We are nearing the finish line with AMC's [Mad Men](series:200778) and various fan theories have been thrown about online, as to how the series will end.

I'm sick of hearing theories about Don dying, based purely on the opening credits sequence, and theories about Megan just due to the t-shirt she wore! So, apologies to supporters of those theories, but they are not discussed here.

Instead, let's all keep our fingers crossed that it doesn't end like Lost or St. Elsewhere, and I for one am hoping that some of the following theories will turn out to be correct:

Sally Draper Goes to Woodstock

Sally enjoying Woodstock
Sally enjoying Woodstock

This seems to be a popular theory, and unlike many others, is relatively plausible. Sally has been up to no good for a while now, and Woodstock would only mean sneaking out of boarding school and driving for about 2 hours - something Sally would definitely be up for!

She has been smoking, drinking, hanging out with boys, cursing....... it just seems natural that she will end up going to the most iconic, wild music festival of all time.

Imagine the costumes and the amazing soundtrack potential Sally's visit would allow. If this doesn't happen, I will be bitterly disappointed.

Peggy Branches Out

Check out Peggy's power pose!
Check out Peggy's power pose!

Just look at that picture. Doesn't it completely sum up everything we love about Mad Men. The fashion, the attitudes, the complexities of the era?

I feel as though Peggy is heading towards an industry takeover, and I'm not the only one. Comparisons have been drawn by bloggers between Peggy and Mary Wells Lawrence, one of the first successful female advertising executives, someone that completely revolutionized the advertising industry around the time that Mad Men is depicting.

Peggy has battled her way from secretary to copywriter and perhaps Matthew Weiner has big things in store for her, things that will symbolize the women's liberation movement and the drastic changes that occurred between 1960 and 1970.

Will the student become the teacher? Perhaps Peggy may even hire her old boss, Don as a final symbolic act for the series.

Bob Benson is a 'Back to the Future' Bobby

Bob (formerly Bobby?) looking up to Daddy Don
Bob (formerly Bobby?) looking up to Daddy Don

I do not give this theory any weight. Why would the [Mad Men](series:200778) creators all of a sudden decide to go completely wacky, and meddle with time travel as a theme?

One blogger posted that the name Bob Benson contains three obvious clues suggesting Bob's true identity - as a grown up Bobby Draper. Bob = Bobby, 'Ben' is the Hebrew word for 'son,' and 'son' is 'son'.

I'm not convinced by this 'proof', but I have been wondering who Bob is and why he pops up at such intriguing moments.

I prefer to agree with the theory suggesting Bob will be involved in the Stonewall riots that occurred in 1969 in New York City. As with the participation of other characters in the civil rights movement and the women's lib movement, I hope that Bob will be the catalyst for some consideration of this crucial event in LGBTI history.

Is Megan Already Dead?

Don's hallucinatory vision of Megan
Don's hallucinatory vision of Megan

Debate raged, and in some circles still does, as to whether or not Megan Draper may end up facing the same fate as Sharon Tate, a victim of the Charles Manson murders of 1969. It seems to centre around the fact that she wore the t-shirt that Tate wore in a 1967 shoot for Esquire magazine.

That theory has been discussed enough for my liking.

Let's ignore it and consider the possibility that Megan is in fact already dead.

When Don headed to California in the latter part of season 6, he had a deep conversation with an imaginary Megan. This, along with the way that Megan has become less central to plot lines since the end of season 5, has led to suggestions that she is dead and is a figment of Don's imagination.

Seems far-fetched to me, but after Don seeing Bert Cooper singing and dancing after his passing, it isn't impossible, is it?

Orange Means Death - Mainly for Redheads

Roger Sterling - a man of many talents
Roger Sterling - a man of many talents

Inspired by the common interpretation of the use of orange in the film 'The Godfather' as a deliberate signifier of death and destruction, some Mad Men fans have taken to applying the theory to the plot twists Mad Men has included and with which it may conclude.

There have been a lot of oranges recently, between these beauties from California and the Sunkist account being discussed, it has been an obvious feature of the show.

Many of you will remember the disastrous trip that Megan and Don took to Howard Johnson's hotel in the fifth season. I found this episode difficult to watch, as everything seemed to completely unravel and Don and Megan were surrounded by hideous orange furnishings and kept discussing Orange Sherbet!

When the redheaded-ness of Lane Pryce and Adam (Don's brother) are considered, the recent prevalence of orange does seem to spell disaster for someone (let's hope not redhead no. 3, Joan!) in the upcoming finale.

Do you think any of these theories are worth considering? Which ones seem the most plausible storylines/omens to you?


Do any of these Mad Men season 7 theories seem plausible?


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