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In the 40s we were blessed with the foresight of an incredible woman who not only possessed great looks and a killer body, but also embodied a mind and body so powerful as to stop evil in its tracks. She has been drawn by many hands and portrayed by one of the most gorgeous women who ever roamed the planet.

So why, why are we now settling for this?

A stick of a woman with no discernable figure and absolutely no personality. If I’m going to pay to see a movie about [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), I want to see someone who exudes femininity and a strong moral compass…or at least someone who can pretend.

Warner Brothers blew it in the 90s when they could have landed this hot Amazonian princess and given Asian women across the globe a sense of pride in that they could play the most amazing woman known to date. But alas, they were too busy making crappy Batman movies that have haunted participating actors for decades. Ms. Carrere ruled this era with an element of comedy and wit that could have easily fueled her career as Diana of Themyscira. Don the red, white and blue and put those exotic good looks to use. Tia would have gotten my stamp of approval. Waaay!

There does exist a woman with the charm and grace of Paradise Island royalty. She lights up the room with her smile and leaves men panting after her hourglass curves. She is strong and deserving of the title and would have drawn in crowds from East to West. I am speaking of course of Ms. Kelly Brook, British actress and model extraordinaire. She’s no stranger to the stage, starring in the new comedy “One Big Happy.” With a light-hearted touch of who we affectionately know as the Amazing Amazon, can you name a better choice?

I am prepared to go on record as saying that I feel Gal Gadot as the choice for Wonder Woman will be a disaster, one that Warner Brothers and DC will be reminded of more times than the fact that somebody in Hollywood thought George Clooney could pull off the Caped Crusader.


Could Kelly Brook pull off Wonder Woman?


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