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If you don't want this spoiled for you, DON'T READ!!!


I've got a theory on Season 1 of the Flash regarding Harrison Wells, Eddie Thawne, The Reverse Flash(es), and the new Spinoff show

Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells (CW's The Flash)
Harrison Wells (CW's The Flash)

The mystery man. The man who can't walk (Well he can). The man who DIDN'T kill Barry's mother. Wells is more of an anti-hero, and is based off the character....

Hunter Zolomon. For those who don't know, Zolomon is a character from the Flash comics who was injured and left paralyzed from the waist down after an attack on him by.... Gorilla Grodd. He then asked [The Flash](series:1068303) (Wally West) to use the cosmic treadmill to go back in time and prevent the accident. Wally refused, which in turn caused Zolomon to use the treadmill himself. This resulted in an explosion that gave Zolomon to alter the speed at which he moves in time. So he didn't necessarily have superspeed, it just seemed like he did, when in reality, he was just shifting in time.


Wally West and Hunter Zolomon (DC Comics)
Wally West and Hunter Zolomon (DC Comics)

Zolomon was technically Wally's personal reverse Flash. The connections between Zolomon and Wells are clear:

  • Wells wheelchair alludes to Zolomon's accident
  • Wells connection to Grodd alludes to Zolomon's accident at the hands of Grodd
  • In the previews for the upcoming episodes, it looks as if Wells is in two places at once. So this could display the concept of shifting between time
  • Wells went back into the past to kill Barry's mother to make him a "better hero" (This could also be a paradox. Maybe Barry would never have become the Flash is his mother didn't die). This could allude to the fact that Zolomon did not believe Wally had suffered any personal loss the same way Barry Allen had. So he became the Reverse Flash and tried to kill Wally's then pregnant wife, Linda Park in an attempt to make him a better hero

Eddie Thawne

Eddie versus his future self (CW's The Flash)
Eddie versus his future self (CW's The Flash)

This scene was very influential. The scene that was more influential was when Eddie was talking to Joe West wondering why the Reverse Flash didn't kill him. Well just so everyone knows, there are TWO Reverse Flashes. Eddie, and Wells. Eddie will find out about Iris' love for Barry, find out Barry's identity, lose his job for a reasonably stupid reason (Whichever order comes first), and then will dive into insanity. He will eventually become the Reverse Flash we saw attack Star Labs, NOT the Reverse Flash who killed Barry's mom. Eventually he could become some evil dictator in the future, but will be defeated by The Flash's hand.

CW's The Flash
CW's The Flash

This is interesting. Wells had tried numerously to make sure this event happens. Well obviously there will be a HUGE crossover event within the Arrow/Flash/Mystery Show Universe, that will result in Barry defeating Eddie, then sacrificing himself to save the world. For some reason, Wells is locked in the past (Probably due to his conflict with Barry when he tried to kill Barry's mom). He then brings it amongst himself to continue to try and make Barry a better hero so that he can eventually beat the Reverse Flash, and inevitably save the world by sacrificing himself--similar to how he did in the massive Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline:

The New Spin-off

In regards to the new spin-off show being developed, Sara Lance is somehow involved, even though she died in Arrow Season 3, Episode 1. Well the quick explanation is that Barry's altering of the time stream may incidentally bring her back (Either that or the Lazarus Pit will) for her to be involved in the new Spin-off.


Do you like my theory?


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