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So, now that 50 Shades of Grey has crossed the 500 million mark,no one can dare say its not a success.After all it is the highest grossing movie of the year.But,as we all know ,and feel,the movie could have been way better,had it not made these basic mistakes......

1. Casting Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey

Seriously, I mean,this guy was not even in the fan suggestion list. His baby face and robotic delivery of dialogues kinda ruined the whole expectation we fans had of Christian Grey.

2. A better director, maybe?

Admit it, none of us were overjoyed after hearing that Sam Taylor Johnson was gonna direct 50 Shades of Grey. Wait, Sam Taylor who? That was the reaction most normal movie goers had. No body knew her. And we all know the "creative differences" the director had with E.L.James. Had James been allowed to be more involved with the film,we wouldn't have been witnesses to a "soft core depiction of sadomasochism" with "strictly daytime soap performances".

3. Cheesy Dialogues

As it is, Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey was a major disappointment, a main reason being his total lack of "acting skills" needed to make this awesome character come alive.To top that off, Kelly Marcel (screenplay) wrote dialogues which were "laughable", not to mention outright cheesy and stupid.

4. Glaring Technical Flaws

Technical errors were like an integral part of [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697), be it the glider scene or basic BDSM stuff,but the funniest one was where Ana's messages to Christian are shown in blue.But we all saw her using a flip phone.So,being a non-iPhone user,her messages should have been in green.Such basic stuff can upset viewers,you know.At one point I felt what Ana was feeling during the coffee shop scene,as shown below.....

Well,those are the most dangerous flaws I could find,not to mention there are countless others.Feel free to include them in the comments... :)


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