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Tiffanie Miller

If you haven't yet seen The Duff from CBS should. It's got everything you could want from a teen high school comedy: awkward girl , hot popular guy, teachers who are comedians , creative insults, weird black principal, lindsay lohan wait...

That was Mean Girls , well 5 out of 6 ain't bad! The similarities between these movies are obviously apparent for anyone who was privy to The Plastics reign. BUT it's okay. Yes i just said that hollywood recycling an idea is okay. At least in this instance , The Duff pulls off this reenactment with tact and good humor. ( there were parts that had me literally honking in the theater.) It had heart and is hip without trying too hard, just like Mean Girls was in 2004 ( and still is in my opinion). Today's teenagers were a bit too young to enjoy Men GIwith all of its umm colorful language. Now that they're older The Duff fits the mold and is relevant to today's youth. With jokes and subplots that wouldn't have hit home in 2004 such as : a cell phone ban , mean tweets , twerking . All in all The Duff had me thinking of Janice Ian and wearing pink on Wednesday ,but I didn't miss them that much . And for teens today who may not know how often you tried to make Fetch happen, The Duff is a good callback to it that adds its own flair. So either you know one, you have one ,or you are one , but no matter what we will still let you sit with us.


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