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In a few weeks the fifth season of Game of Thrones will be aired, and although for the people who read the books there is little suspense, the story is getting closer to the end of the game, and as usual, some will live and some will die. George RR Martin never hesitates to kill a character, and you can’t pick a favorite and be sure he (or she) will make it in the end. This is part of the greatness of the saga.

So we have a divided realm, and seven big families (formerly kingdoms) fighting and allying to get the ultimate power or simply to survive. For some it’s all about power, for others it’s about honor, and for few it’s about duty.

Let’s have a look at the seven families.

  • House Targaryen. They had been ruling the 7 kingdoms for decades before their last leader, the Mad King, provoqued a civil war that led to Robert Baratheon’s reign. Could Daenerys get the Iron Throne back to her family?
  • House Baratheon. Robert’s Legacy is a tricky matter. Should the throne come back to his brother Stannis or to “his” kids? This is the main motive of the war. Can Stannis win?
  • House Lannister. Although Cersei’s children are not officially Lannisters but Baratheons, in reality Lannisters are fighting for Lannisters. Could Tommen, Cersei or even Jaime keep the throne in the Casterly Rock’s family?
  • House Tyrell. Allied with the Lannisters, they are also great rivals. Can Margaery finally marry a long lasting king?
  • House Martell. The Mad King’s son was married to a Martell. Could one of the family member sit on the throne?
  • House Greyjoy. They don’t seem to have greater ambitions than ruling their islands and part of the shore. But Asha Greyjoy seems to be wiser than her brother and an effective leader. Does she have her chance?
  • House Stark. Most of the POV characters are Stark. They are disseminated and in fragile situations, but maybe one of them is the future ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. Who would it be?
  • Others. Some important characters are not from the biggest houses but some are very intelligent, manipulative and powerful. One of them could give us a surprise.

But in [Game of Thrones](movie:817617), the question is not only who will win. Maybe as important is to guess who will survive. :-)

If you want to vote for your favorite, there is an interesting poll on netivist with 10 names.


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