ByThomas Delgado, writer at

WTF did I just watch??? Is the question I told myself after I saw Muck written and directed by Steve Wolsh. This film is every different, from any horror movie I seen. Which is good, but there are things I'm going to point out. First of all the movie starts with group of friends had escape an ancient burial ground. They're all injured and half naked. I was thinking to myself did I miss something? No the movie just jumps in with no really guide lines. The ending was not what I was hoping for. It had some soft porn feeling to it but don't get me wrong the film is awesome. Has some nice killing, the killers look wicked. One of the killers was play by Kane Hodder. The rest of the cast where ex queens and playboy mates. There's a kick started to help fund for a sequel. This a film you just have to watch and judge for yourself.


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