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Since I did the Top 5 onscreen X-Men, I decided I might as well do one for the Avengers. For this, I am including SHIELD Agents and also unofficial Avengers who were members in the comics. Now I know you guys know that this is a difficult article to write. The actors that have been chosen for the films are phenomenal and all of them are enjoyable.

Now for some quick business. Like Wolverine, Iron Man is almost always accepted as the greatest onscreen Avenger as far as acting goes, so I am going to rule him out and place him above the rest. Second, as always, this is all opinion, and you can always share yours in the comments. Let's get started.

5. Lt. James Rhodes- Terrence Howard

While I love Don Cheadle, this role was made for Howard. The chemistry that he RDJ shared in the first Iron Man movie was so real and powerful that it accurately showed the friendship between the two. Howard's Rhodey seemed genuinely concerned for Stark while also trying to be hard on him. Cheadle tries to copy this and sometimes he pulls it off, but the consistency with which he does so is much lower than when Howard had the role. The tease of seeing Terrence Howard put on the armor makes me wish that things with him and Marvel were worked out. Sorry Don, maybe you can show us something in Age of Ultron.

4. Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk- Mark Ruffalo

After the performance by Edward Norton, many people were quite upset that the change to Ruffalo had been made. After seeing him in action, though, attitudes changed. The portrayal by Ruffalo was dynamic. Seeing him try to control the monster and finally accepting it, was incredible. Though the reasoning behind his sudden control is a bit weak, the acting behind the rest of the character is wonderful. Many fans, myself included, want another Hulk movie, and I believe that it is due to Mark Ruffalo's incredible skill. Also because Planet Hulk makes sense! But I digress.

3. Thor- Chris Hemsworth

There is not another person on this planet that can play Thor. You can try to convince me otherwise, but no one can do it like Hemsworth. He is Thor. The way that he has made the role his own is so much fun to see. He looks like Thor, he can act like Thor and he can portray the character so well that you simply sit and bask in his Asgardian glory! He can be comical and he can be serious, but most of all, he can make the character fit in the circumstances he's in. While on Earth, you can believe that Earth is where he belongs. While on Asgard, you can believe that Asgard is where he belongs. Hemsworth makes it seem so easy to play such a difficult character and when things get rebooted in twenty years, the new Thor won't hold a candle to the one we have now.

2. Nick Fury- Samuel L. Jackson

I'm sure most, if not all, of you saw this coming. For a character with a lot less screen time than most of the other actors, Nick Fury has left his mark on us, and that is only because Samuel L. Jackson is one of the greatest actors of all time. The sheer fact that he can stare at you in silence and still intimidate you is awesome! In fact, the Ultimate universe version of the character was based on Samuel L. Jackson. It's a character that will never fade away and one that we've adored since he made his dramatic appearance at the end of Iron Man.

1. Captain America- Chris Evans

Talk about an unexpected success. Originally playing the Human Torch in Fox's original Fantastic 4, many people doubted Marvel's decision in casting Evans for the role. But he was fantastic! While not as iconic in the role like Chris Hemsworth and Thor or RDJ with Iron Man, it will definitely be difficult to top him. He brings a maturity to the role that very few people knew Evans could do and he has been pivotal in making the Captain cool again. Delivering knock out performances in all of his movies, Captain America is definitely one of the greatest and most enjoyable onscreen Avenger to watch.

Who did I leave off? Do you agree? Disagree? Is Don Cheadle the superior Rhodey? Let me know in the comments and also share your personal list. We had a good time with the X-Men and it'll be fun to see what other people think.

Next: Batman Tournament! Who is the greatest? You decide!


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