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After last night's episode of The Walking Dead, it is clearly obvious that even though our beloved group of zombie killers have found a new safe-haven, no-one is safe.


Sadly shortly after expressing his interest in helping keep the town safe, everybody ate Chris. That is to say, that Noah was brutally ripped apart by zombies, in what is probably one of the goriest death scenes in WD thus far.

After leaving for a supply run in which all turns horribly wrong when Aiden decides to shoot a zombie with a combat armor and a grenade strapped to him. What do you think was gunna happen?

In the ensuing blast everyone is sent flying, Tara is left with a serious head wound and Aiden is left impaled on some spikes. Aiden and Nick admit that when they were with the last group that they were the ones who panicked and got the others killed. Unable to save Aiden he is left to die. (You at least could have shot him in the head first, jerks.)

Eugene steps up and proves that despite his beliefs he is not as cowardly as he thinks he is, He throws the banged up and bleeding Tara over his shoulder and makes a break for the van, while Glenn, Noah and Nick try and escape through the front revolving door. It is Nick who ultimately seals Noah's fate by squeezing out the door to grab the rifle leaving Noah and Glenn exposed to the flesh eating zombies. Glenn then watched (kinda) as the zombies savagely chewed on his buddy Noah. (Poor Glenn AND NOAH!)

We also learnt that there is something strange going on in Pete and Jessie's house while Sam was making cookies with Carol. I agree that there is only one person he would want that gun for and one person he would want it to be used on.

With only 2 episodes remaining, this Walking Dead fan can only speculate what is going to go down in the finale. From what we have seen this season I have compiled a short list of what could happen before/during/after the season finale based on the graphic novels/other sources.

1. Rick will lose his hand

In the graphic novel Rick's hand gets cut off in the battle with the Governor, since we have already seen a picture of a hand just laying in the grass shared by Norman Reedus on social media, I would say that this scenario is highly likely.

2. Carl will lose his eye and Jessie and her son will die

Again in the graphic novel, Alexandria falls under attack and in the commotion Jessie takes it upon herself to save her son and Rick's. Unfortunately never having seen a walker before, her son makes too much noise and is attacked by while she is holding his hand in one hand and Carl's in the other, She refuses to let go of her son, and also refuses to let go or Carl. Rick steps up and cuts her hand off with an ax. Deanna goes crazy seeing her community falling apart and starts shooting wildly at the walkers accidentally shooting Carl in the eye. Deanna gets taken down by walkers as well.

3. Rick and his group will take control and be plotted against

After Deanna's death Rick's group steps up to become the leaders of the town. Some people including Spencer and our good buddy Nick will plot to take over.

4. Glenn dies (NOOOOOO!)

IF the "Wolves" end up being the "Saviors" then sadly that will most likely mean and untimely end for our beloved Glenn. The Saviors are a group that attack Alexandria for various reasons. In retribution for the murder of one of the members of his group the leader of the Saviors chooses a resident of Alexandria to kill . After skipping past Glenn as to not appear racist, he changes his mind and violently beats Glenn to death with a barb-wire wrapped baseball bat, infront of everyone, including a pregnant Maggie.

What do you think will happen in the last two episodes? Who will live and who will die? Let me know in the comments!


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