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New game, new ideas!

Law Enforcement

We've played as drifters, hustlers, gangsters, hit men, thieves, psychopaths, and sociopaths. In every GTA game we're the one being chased down by the men and women in blue for whatever reasons. Crossing our fingers just hoping we don't get caught! For once wouldn't it be nice if we were the ones behind the badge with all the power? I think this would be a breath of fresh air for Rockstar Games to create a main protagonist that's either a cop or FIB Agent ( GTA's version of the FBI). The character could be a cop that's on a pay roll or a rookie that's kind of a boy scout and realizes everybody else around him/her is corrupt.

An idea like this would certainly give us (the player) an inside look of how these organizations work. This would also be a fantastic opportunity for Rockstar to tackle a touchy subject on today's law enforcement. With some police officers abusing their power and how in the 1980's the CIA smuggled in cocaine from Central America during the Reagan administration. There are so many awesome routes we can go with this! If they don't go for this idea in GTA 6 let's hope they'll give it a try sometime in the near future.

Neo 1980's music would be great for a game like this:

1950's The American Greaser

Now this would be a really fun world to explore! During the 1950's the greaser subculture was highly popular within poor, low-income neighbors of the Unites States. Influenced by the music of their time - Doo Wop, Rock n' Roll and Rockabilly. Playing as a Greaser (or multiple Greasers) protagonists would be badass! Driving suited up hot rods (cars) and jamming to Eddie Cochran. The care free, gelled back hair rebels of 50's America.

Great examples on how Rockstar can create a successful and entertaining storyline would be using movies such as - Rebel Without a Cause, Wanderers, The Outsiders, Grease and American Graffiti. Of course listening to the music of that era would help a lot for inspiration.

Music of the era:

The Roaring Twenties/The Harlem Renaissance

Lets take a break with gangsters from Grove St. and make our way towards the Harlem Renaissance. How amazing would it be to venture into a world when Harlem was a cultural powerhouse that drew in black writers, photographers entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, poets and scholars from all parts of the country. The Harlem Renaissance was not only a major literacy movement, but the beginning of the militarized "New Negro" that demanded both political and civil rights. This was an era that incorporated Jazz the Blues! This also attracted white Americans to Harlem speakeasies, where interracial couples danced and had a good time safely.

Mmm, listening to West End Blues by Louis Armstrong while puffing on a tasty cigar, what a day.

Great Britain 1960's Reggae/Skinhead Movement

Before we start things off I want to make this very clear that these aren't the same racist nor fascist Skinheads that we're all familiar with in today's media. In fact, the original Skinheads were never related to Nazism. The founders of the Skinhead movement were Jamaican immigrants called the "Rudeboys" and members of the working-class youths from England called "Hard Mods". I think it would be great if Rockstar revisited England, and the best part about this era was the music and the rebellious youth!

It would be cool to play as a troubled 18-20 year old former Hard Mod member that becomes one of the founding members of the Skinhead movement. Playing as a young Jamaican immigrant that's trying to fit in, and he finds clarity in Reggae. I think it would be a nice change to play as a younger (still adult) character in the GTA series.

Music of the era:


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