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Adam Olinger

Cinderella Review:
The 2015 Cinderella is a very large missed opportunity. Even more confusing is the sheer amount of praise this adaptation has been given. Sitting around 84% fresh on RottenTomatoes tells me that either critics were too easy on the film or have just given up on good storytelling this generation. Everything in Cinderella coasts by without a pulse. There is drama but no impact. There is romance but no chemistry. There is magic magic. This is a Disney film without a pulse and another example of a live-action retelling not coming anywhere near the cartoon.

Frozen Fever Review:
Frozen Fever is a fun little short before the feature film and while it does provide an amusing watch it's over before it begins. Running right around 8 minutes we are treated to a lengthy song and a few laughs. The plot is to the point. Else is throwing her sister Anna a birthday party but has caught a cold. A cold never bothered her in the past but this one takes a toll and causes a bit of chaos when her sneezes produce some wild snowballs. It's lighthearted and more of an appetizer to the full meal we will get when Frozen 2 hits.

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