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Hey my names Jessica Stevenson, I'm from Canada and I love Ratchet and Clank and Marve, DC
Jessica Stevenson

There was a topic on Facebook the other day on obscure comic book characters, I chose Pitt from Image comics.

Pitt is a half human half alien creature, made possible by a race called the Creed. The Creed abducted a couple from earth and took one of the fertile eggs that the woman had, and combined it with Creed DNA creating Pitt. Pitt managed to escape from the Creed, and returned to earth to get to his family and his little brother ( Timmy ).

Pitt looks more alien then human with red eyes, grayish skin and no nose, that and the fact that he is a gigantic killing machine with big sharp claws, who protects his little brother.

His main abilities is his incredible strength ( He uses pain as a stimulant , the more he gets hit the more fuel he has ), high endurance, fast healing, limited psychic powers, retractable claws ( that can tear through most substances ).

He is one of my all time favorites of comic book characters, he is a caring bad ass and I love that about him.

That's what I think what do you think who's your favorite obscure comic book character.


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