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I love Frozen as much as the next Disney fanatic. I honestly believe it's one of the of the better Disney films of recent. With its vivid (and quite beautiful) animation and some memorable songs (one a tad more memorable than the rest), it was an overall solid film, but one aspect of the film still bugs me: The fact that it just had to have a villain.

By now, we all know the original plans to make Elsa the villain were scrapped (thankfully), but my question is still: why did they have to end up making Hans a villain? Story-wise, I get what they were going for: he was pretending to fall for Anna to get close to Elsa, but eventually realized he could get Elsa and Anna out of the picture after they leave to kingdom in his hands, because he knows that he would never be ruler of his home kingdom due to having 12 older brothers. But honestly, I feel that they could have gone in a completely different direction. Here's how I feel like it should have gone down:

So the movie goes on exactly the same up to the point where Hans reveals that he's actually a major dickwad. Instead of this big villain reveal, Anna and Hans actually do kiss...but nothing happens. They're both confused, like "I thought true love was supposed to break this curse, what happened?" This is when they finally realize that you really can't just fall in love with someone you just met, although it's not quite cemented yet as through conversation they decide that they must find Kristoff because maybe he's her true love. So Hans ventures out to find Kristoff, instructing the Duke of Wesselton to hold down the fort and make sure Anna and Elsa are safe.

Yes, in his haste, he accidentally leaves this dick in charge
Yes, in his haste, he accidentally leaves this dick in charge

So while he's gone, Olaf shows up and the scene where he tries to warm her up plays out as before (obviously replacing "Hans was a dick" dialogue with "Hans wasn't her true love.") Then you see the Duke's men trying to break into Elsa's prison cell, and she escapes and upon hearing the commotion Olaf takes off ahead of Anna to find Hans and Kristoff and Anna goes in search of Elsa.

Next we cut to Hans finding Kristoff and he explains the situation. Hans realizes his mistake in leaving the Duke in charge, and that's when they notice the sudden Wintery cloud over the castle, realize Elsa must have escaped. They take off together and when they reach the frozen lake, separate so Kristoff can find Anna and Hans can try to help Elsa. Obviously they get lost in the mist and Hans crosses path with the duke. They exchange words and a swordfight ensues between the frozen ships. Suddenly, when Hans seems to get the upper hand, a piece of one of the ships breaks off, crashing through the ice, taking Hans below with it. The duke smirks and walks off to find the princess. The shot then zooms in on the water when out jumps Olaf with Hans!

That's right! He's a hero!
That's right! He's a hero!

Olaf expresses his confusion thinking that Hans and Elsa kissing should have cured Anna's frozen heart, but Hans says that she's been traveling with her true love the whole time. Insert an adorable Olaf moment with his "realization of "It's me! I'm her true love" Hans rolls his eyes, and they both run off. Meanwhile, the Duke has found Elsa, and their encounter resembles what we currently have as the encounter between Elsa and Hans. This time, Hans and Olaf show up just as Anna freezes and intercepts the Duke's sword (breaking it and sending him flying backward.

Poor Hans! He's so concerned for Anna's wellbeing
Poor Hans! He's so concerned for Anna's wellbeing

Then, obviously the act of true love cures Anna's frozen heart, and all is well. Elsa still declares that all trading with Wesselton will cease, and instead Arrendale will now trade with the Southern Isles. There is hinting that the fact that Hans was able to bring a huge trade route to the Southern Isles will prompt his father to name Hans as next in line (and before you bitch about "that's not how it works" if King Henry VIII can create a denomination of Christianity just to be able to divorce, the king of the Southern Isles can surpass normal lineage to name Hans as the rightful heir). Hans will then have the kingdom he always wanted, and the movie doesn't have an unnecessary villain (I suppose you could argue that this scenario makes the Duke the villain, but I just see him as more of an asshole than anything). After that, the rest play out the same.

Well, there you have it. That's how I believe the movie should have gone down. I guess part of it for me is how disappointed I was when Hans turned out to be a villain. Here you have a film that breaks down some of Disney's own clichés only to respond with another cliché. I also feel like this would better cement the idea of "you can't marry a man you just met" but for both sides of the gender equation. Instead of having the "if you fall in love with a man you just met, he'll turn out to be a dick," it's more of a "infatuation doesn't necessarily mean true love," which is a lesson that a lot of young girls could use. Instead of having Hans taking advantage of how naive Anna was, I prefer the idea that they're both naive and get a big learning experience from the whole ordeal.

So what do you think? Yea? Nay? Let me know in the comments. Also, some feedback on the article would also be helpful, seeing as this is the first time I've ever written an article for anything.


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